15 Funny Sunday Memes To Make You Laugh on Sundae

Sundays are for church, relaxing, fun days, or dreading Mondays.

Here are some funny memes that celebrate Sundays.

And yes, there will be some puns!

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday Funday
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Sunday fun day is here. Yes!

Lazy Sundays

Sunday Meme - Lazy Mode
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When lazy mode for Sunday is activated.

Happy Sundae Pun

Sunday Meme - Sundae Pun
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Yum! Perhaps you will have a sundae on Sunday.

Happy Sunday

Sunday Meme - Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday! This dog is all about relaxing.

Quiet Sunday

Sunday Meme - Quiet it's Sunday
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When people need a reminder to be quiet on Sundays.

When You Dread Monday

Sunday Meme - dreading Monday
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When you realize that Monday comes after Sunday and you’re dreading going to work.

Sunny Sunday

Sunday Meme - The Sun on Sundays
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When you like puns so much that you let others know you’re enjoying the sun on Sunday.

Too Much Sun Day

Sunday Meme - Sunburn on a Sunny Day
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When you hear Sunday instead of a sunny day, you forget to wear sunscreen.

Sunday Sleeping In

Sunday Meme - Cat sleeping in on Sunday
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Cats are great at sleeping any day of the week!

Hiding From Monday Like

Sunday Meme - Hiding from Monday
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When you’re not ready to face Monday.

Coffee Sunday

Sunday Meme - Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday with coffee.

Football Sunday Repeat

Sunday Meme - Football Sundays
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When you’re glued to the screen on Sundays to watch Football.

Sunday is Scared

Sunday Meme - Sunday afraid of Monday
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When Sunday is afraid of what comes on Monday.

Ready to Relax at Work

Sunday Meme - Going back to work to relax
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Some people look forward to going to work when home life is busy.

Depressed on Sunday Nights

Sunday Meme - Wasting Sunday Evening
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You attempt to relax and indulge when you can’t stop thinking about Monday.

Christian Memes

Christian Meme - Hebrews Pun
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Check out our Christian Memes!

Finding a New Job

Improve Your Career - Stay Busy When Bored
Photo Credit: voronaman/Shutterstock.

When your Sunday Nights are full of dread about working on Monday, it may be time to look for a new job.

Gross Jobs

Portable Toilet Cleaner
Photo Credit: Kzenon/Shutterstock.

Be Productive at Work

Funny Dog at Work Meme
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When you become more productive at work, you may be able to get more done in less time.

Are You a Good or Bad Coworker?

Annoying Coworker Thank You Email Meme
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Do your coworkers like having you around?

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