15 Thank You Note to Real Estate Agent Samples

When a real estate agent helps you to buy or sell a home, you can follow up with a nice thank you note to show your appreciation.

Were you a picky buyer that tested their patience? Did your real estate agent work out a short sale deal with the bank for you?

Take a few moments to write your real estate agent a thank-you note. There are example thank-you notes for your REALTOR® below.

I recommend a handwritten note that they can display in their office. The last time I worked with a real estate agent, I sent him a handwritten card which he kept on his desk for many weeks! However, you could send the agent a thank-you email.

Thank You Note To Real Estate Agent From Buyer

Here is a template to thank your real estate agent when you purchase a home. Additional thank-you messages will follow.

Dear [Real estate agent] name,

Thank you for helping us find the perfect home! We have settled in for about a week and are enjoying the views. We will refer you to all our friends because of your excellent service.

Thanks again,
[Your Name]

#2 We enjoyed searching for houses with you. We appreciate that you took us to so many, as seeing the places in person helped us decide. Also, thank you for arranging the closing in just 20 days! You are a rock star agent!

#3 We love the new house! The house layout is working out even better than expected with the kids. And, of course, the sunsets are amazing! Thank you for helping us find this gem.

#4 Thank you for helping us choose our first home. I appreciate your guidance and support. We know we are picky, and you went the extra mile for us at every step. If you’d like a testimonial, please let us know.

#5 Thank you for your time and support as we looked for a new home. We are thrilled with your service and appreciate your expertise with the paperwork. The house met all of your criteria, and we are grateful for your diligence in finding it.

Thank You Note To Real Estate Agent From Seller

Here is a template to thank your real estate agent who helped with the sale of your home. Additional thank-you messages will follow.

[Real estate agent] name,

I am so thankful to have you as an agent. The short sale process was much longer than I expected. I am happy to have that house sold. I appreciate your time on it, knowing your amount would be a lower commission than on a normal house sale. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thanks Again,
[Your Name]

#2 The sale of the house feels like a miracle! Thank you for getting it sold. We had tried to sell the house on our own for many months but failed. Your methods of attracting buyers worked! I was blown away to have three offers made on the house in the first week.

#3 Thank you for quickly selling our house. You are an excellent agent. Your knowledge of the area and what to list the house for was spot on. Please let us know if you good write a testimonial for your agency.

#4 We greatly appreciate your dedication to finding us a new home. Moving to [City] from a few hours away made it challenging for us. However, your expert information on each neighborhood and the schools helped us with your decision. We are delighted with the new house and its location. Thank you so much!

#5 Thank you for helping us find a lovely home in the countryside. We are grateful that you only showed us homes in our budget range. The sunset view is spectacular. Please stop by the next time you are close by.

Thank You Messages for Real Estate Agent For Selling Old Home and Buying a New Home

Sometimes the same real estate agent will help you buy your old home and buy a new one. These example messages are suggested wording to express your gratitude for the sale and the purchase.

#1 Thank you for helping us sell our house and find a larger home nearby. Your service was exceptional. We are very happy with the smooth closings and that you did all the paperwork.

#2 We are so thankful for you and your expertise in real estate. Thank you for selling our house so quickly and negotiating the extra month to stay in the home while we transitioned to the new house. You are a superstar!

#3 Thank you for all the weekends you spent driving us around looking at potential houses. We appreciate you for working through the real estate transaction when selling the old place and buying the new condo. The new condo is a delight. Please let us know if you’d like us to write a testimonial for your website.

#4 Thank you for finding us the perfect property. When we wanted to downsize, we didn’t consider moving to the lake. It’s been fantastic. Working with you to sell the old house before we bought the new house made everything feel effortless. You’re a great agent, and we will refer you to our friends.

#5 You are a great agent! Thank you for your support as we sold the home we lived in for 25 years. While that felt hard, the new home is even more amazing. We have more room for the cats and much better views.

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