The Top 7 Surprising Reasons To Say Thank You This February

Did you know that February offers many opportunities to say thank you?

February offers many chances to thank the people in your life. I hope you take advantage and express your gratitude!

While Valentine’s Day is associated with February, other national days give you more chances to say thank you to your friends, family, doctor, and mail carrier.

If writing handwritten thank-you notes isn’t for you, consider sending a thank-you text, email, or phone call.

National Women Physicians Day

First, we have National Women Physicians Day on February 3.

February 3 was chosen as the date as it’s the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States.

If your doctor is a woman, take a few minutes to write her a thank you note.

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Thank a Mail Carrier Day

Surprise your mail carrier on February 4th with a small gift or a handwritten thank you note for Thank a Mail Carrier Day.

In the United States, there are rules for the gifts that mail carriers are allowed to receive.

Read the Thanking the Mailman Guide to learn more!

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

When was the last time you mailed a friend a card? I love receiving mail that isn’t a bill.

You can surprise a friend, or many friends, with a thank you note by mailing them a card for National Send A Card to a Friend Day on February 7th.

Choose a notecard, and write them a quick thank you message. You may make their day.

Read: 45 Simple Thank You Messages for Friends to get ideas for your thank you note wording.

National Pizza Day

Most people like pizza. Pizza is such a popular food that it has its own day dedicated to it.

February 9 is National Pizza Day.

Whenever someone makes you a pizza, treats you to pizza, your provides pizza in some way, be sure to say thank you!

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day (February 14th) isn’t just for lovers.

You can use Valentine’s day as a reason to send thank you messages not only to your significant other but also to your friends, coworkers, or boss.

You can check the Valentine’s Day Thank You Messages Guide for examples.

Also, remember to write a thank you note for any Valentine’s Day Gifts you receive.

National Caregiver’s Day

On the third Friday in February, so 17th in 2023, caregivers are recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Caregiving can be one of the most challenging jobs, and sometimes caregivers of family members may be unpaid.

Give any caretaker you know extra recognition on or around February 17th.

Need ideas on what to say to a caregiver?

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National Chocolate Lover’s Month

All of February is National Chocolate Lover’s Month.

If someone gives you any chocolate in February (or anytime), be sure to say thank you for the chocolate.

If you are thanking someone during February, you may also want to consider giving chocolate as a thank you gift.

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