15 Funny Summer Memes To Make You Smile Before Summer Ends

Summer is underway! The season is too hot for some while others bask in the sunshine.

Enjoy these funny memes as we dive into summer.

The Friend That Stays Inside

Summer Memes - Staying Inside
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Some would rather be indoors with air conditioning than outdoors in the hot sun.


Summer Memes - Plastic Chairs
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Most of us know the pain that comes from plastic chairs on a hot summer day.

The Summer Cat Nap

Summer Memes - Cat Napping instead of exercising
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You might as well nap instead of exercising when you’ve run out of time to get in shape for summer.

Different Beach Goals

Summer Memes - Extrovert vs Introvert
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Some of us would rather read a book than go to a beach party.

Summertime Working From Home

Summer Memes - Working From Home In the Pool
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Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t be in the pool!

Summer Ice Cream

Summer Memes - I want ice cream everyday
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Visiting ice cream stands that are only open in the summer makes the ice cream feel special.

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Summer Memes - Sand Between the toes
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Somehow it’s hard to get all the sand out from between your toes before leaving the beach.


Summer Memes - sunburn
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When you choose not to wear sunscreen and then get sun brunt.

Camping Expectations

Summer Memes - Camping expectations
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Some people prefer glamping to tent camping.

No Money, No Problem

Summer Memes - No Budget Concerns
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Summer is a popular vacation time when it can be easy to rack up credit card debt.

Kids Bored Already

Summer Memes - Bored Kids
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It doesn’t take long for some kids to complain of boredom after school is out for the summer.

Mosquito Problems

Summer Memes - Walk in the Woods
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Sometimes there are just too many bugs and mosquitos to enjoy that walk in the woods.

Still Have to Work

Summer Memes - have to work
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Most people still have to work during the summer!

Rainy Days

Summer Memes - It's raining
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When you finally have a day off in the summer, and you’re stuck inside because of rain.

Cool Cat

Summer Memes - Cat Have a Happy Summer
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Have a great summer!

Summer Activities

Summer Activities Things To Do - Go Somewhere New
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Now that summer is here, it’s time to do some summer activities!

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More Memes

Skeleton Waiting Meme - Waiting for your friend that is always late.
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Trouble With Words

Mispronounced Words
Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

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