7 People To Thank as We Wrap Up the Year

As 2023 ends, people may want to reflect on their success and those who touched their lives.

Your heart may be full of gratitude. And sharing that gratitude can go a long way in making someone’s day.

Here are some people you can consider thanking as the year ends.

Holiday Party Host

If you were invited to a Christmas party or gathering, it’s kind to thank the host.  They opened their home and may have spent hours or days preparing.

They may have also provided much of the food and desserts. A quick thank you message can acknowledge their efforts for hosting the Christmas party.

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Good neighbors can feel like a blessing, especially if you’ve ever had a bad neighbor.

Is there a neighbor that does thoughtful things for you throughout the year?

They may occasionally have you over for a meal or bring you a plate of holiday cookies.

Or maybe you have an upstairs neighbor who is quiet and respectful of those living under them.

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Delivery Workers and Mail Carriers

During the holiday season, services that deliver packages and mail can be extra busy.

The easiest way to thank them is with a quick “thank you” if you see them drop off a package. You could also leave out a box of goodies for them along.

You can check the company’s website to see what type of gifts, if any, they are allowed to accept. For example, the United States Postal Service doesn’t allow its workers to accept cash or gift cards.

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Personal Trainers

Thanking your trainer is an easy way to express your gratitude for any results you’ve seen during the year.

Have they helped you build muscle, lose weight, or meet your goals?

Perhaps you’ve only made progress because of meeting with them regularly.

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Your Boss

There are many things that a boss can be thanked for:

  • Holiday Bonus
  • Raise
  • Ongoing Support
  • Appreciation
  • Team Lunch
  • Your Promotion

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Surprise your coworkers with a year-end thank you message.

Is there someone that consistently helps you out? Have you told them recently how much you appreciate them?

Your words may make their day. I once thanked a coworker, who later told me it was the first thank-you note he’d ever received.

Church Volunteers

The church I attend has a volunteer party every year in December. It’s fun and helps all the volunteers to feel appreciated.

Thanking volunteers for their time and commitment may encourage them to keep volunteering.

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Writing Your Thank Messages

You can write handwritten thank you cards, emails, or text messages.

If you know, you will never sit down and write cards, then send texts or emails. Some people will appreciate getting a handwritten card in the mail. However, you should send an instant message or email at the workplace because asking for a home address is usually unacceptable.

Remember that the goal is to share your gratitude with others.

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