Here’s Why You Should Thank Your Mail Carrier This Saturday

This Saturday, February 4th, is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day.

You can write a quick thank you message as a way to thank your mail carrier.

A small homemade treat or hot chocolate gift may also be appreciated. However, if they are not consuming it right away, they’ll have to carry it with them, which may not be practical.

You’ll Need to Follow The Rules

United States Post Office Sign
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The United States Post Office has an official policy regarding tips and gifts for mail carriers.

Cash and gift cards can never be accepted. And the total value of any gifts received in a calendar year from one customer must be $50 or less.

A thank you card or note for your mail carrier can be done at a very low cost.

And a note is lightweight if the mail carrier takes it with them.

A Verbal Thank You

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The easiest way to thank your mail carrier is with a verbal thank you.

However, you’ll need to be home to open the door when the mail is delivered.

If you do talk to the mail carrier, keep your conversation short, so they can keep their day on schedule.

DIY Thank You Notes

Thank You to Mail Carrier Supplies
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You can write a short thank you message to your mail carrier and tape it to the mailbox.

You probably already have all the items on hand.

You can use sticky notes, index cards, the back of an envelope, or note paper.

Sticky Note Thank You

Sticky note for National Mail Carrier Day
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If you have sticky notes, you can quickly write a thank you message to your mail carrier.

Your note can be as simple as “Thank you. Happy National Mail Carrier Day!”.

You may want to tape the sticky note to the mailbox to make sure it stays attached until the mail carrier arrives.

Index Card Thank You Note

Happy National Mail Carrier Day Homemade Card
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One way to make a homemade card is using the blank side of an index card.

You can also have the kids or grandkids draw the mail carrier a picture.

Or you can use stickers to decorate the card.

Back of an Envelope Note


Thank you To A Mail Carrier on the back of an envelope
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If any receive recent mail, you can reuse the envelope.

You can cut (or tear) off the front of the envelope so that you only use the backside.

Reusing envelopes is a trick I learned from my grandma!

In the picture, you can see that the F in for could be neater. You’ll have to decide if you want to start over when you make a mistake in a thank you note.

Using A Note Card

National Mail Carrier Day Card
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You can use choose to write your mail carrier a full length thank-you note.

This will be easy to do if you already have a box of notecards on hand.

Unlike most occasions when writing thank you notes, you may not know the mail carrier’s name. Or you could have a rotation of mail carriers. In this case, you can leave out their name, when writing your thank you card.

Thank You Note Example

National Mail Carrier Day Thank You Card
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Here is the thank you note I wrote for my mail carrier this year.

We’ve had rotation mail carriers recently, so I didn’t address it to a specific person.

For more wording suggestions, read through the Thanking The Mail Carrier Guide.

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