7 Easy Ways To Celebrate International Thank-You Day

International Thank-You Day is observed annually on January 11th.

It’s an opportunity to express gratitude to anyone we are grateful for.

There are many ways people can celebrate this day of appreciation.

Write Thank You Messages

A simple way to participate in International Thank-You Day is to write thank-you messages.

Messages can be written in handwritten thank-you cards and mailed. Text messages can also be sent to friends and family.

The messages can be as short as “Thank you for being a good friend.”  A specific example of why you are grateful for them could also be included.

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Say Thank You to Retail Workers

Running the checkout at a grocery or retail store can be challenging.

The workers often deal with upset customers. Or customers ignore them as they ring up purchases.

Be kind to the workers and thank them as they complete your sale. Smiling and being polite can help them have a better day.

Take Someone Out for Dinner

Another way to show gratitude for someone is to take them to dinner on International Thank-You Day.

Be sure to choose a restaurant that you know that they like.

Then, you can tell them why you are thankful for them during dinner.

Give a Thank You Gift

Another idea is to give someone a thank-you gift. The gift could be given along with a thank-you card.

Gift ideas include gift cards, flowers, and mugs.

Share Appreciation at Work

Take time to thank your coworkers, bosses, and employees.

A thank-you email may make their day. Thank them for something they did recently.

For example, going above and beyond, helping others, or working late to meet a deadline.

Write Christmas Gift Thank You Notes or Cards

International Thank-You Day is great for catching up on writing thank-you messages for Christmas gifts.

If you haven’t said thank you notes for your Christmas gifts yet, it’s not too late.

Write handwritten thank-you cards to those who appreciate the extra effort to write them. Send thank-you texts to everyone else.

Acknowledging those who mailed Christmas cards or a family photo is also thoughtful. A quick text is all it takes to say thanks.

Enjoy and Send Thank You Memes

Include a funny or cute thank-you meme when sending a thank-you text.

Another option is to share thank-you memes on social media. For example, you could post a meme and say, “Thank you all for being great friends.”

Your message on social media will sound generic as you are not thanking an individual for something specific.

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How To Write a Thank  You  Message

A thank you message can be written for nearly anything in one sentence. Fill in the blank with the reason for your gratitude.

Thank you for ______.

Those new to writing thank you messages may feel awkward at first. People may be surprised to hear from you.

An option is to include “Happy International Thank You Day” at the beginning or end of the message.

“Thank you for being an awesome friend. I enjoy the time we spend together walking at the park. Happy International Thank You Day!”

If you write handwritten thank you notes or emails, include a greeting and closing, and sign your name. Your message should follow this format:

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for being a wonderful coworker. I appreciate you for helping me whenever I request help.



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