Happy Thursday! 17 Funny Memes about Thursday to Make You Smile Today

Thursday is here. You’ve almost made it to Friday.

Enjoy these funny Thursday memes for a fun break.

Some may make you LOL, and others will make you smile. You can judge them to see if you find them funny.

It’s Only Thursday

Thursday Meme - It's only Thursday
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The cat doesn’t understand how it’s only Thursday.

Thursday is Friday Eve

Thursday Meme - Friday Even
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Saying Friday Eve instead of Thursday is an amusing way to avoid saying Thursday.

The Week Treating You Like

Thursday Meme - Tried by Thursday
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The energy we have on Monday is sometimes gone by Thursday.

A Nice Reminder

Thursday Meme - Cute Reminder
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A friendly reminder that you’re almost to Friday, which means you’re almost to the weekend.

Not Friday

Thursday Meme - It's Thursday, Not Friday
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When someone tells you it’s Thursday, when you’ve been acting like it’s Friday.

Happy Thursday Dog

Thursday Meme - Only One More Day
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A silly dog is letting you know it’s Thursday.

Avoiding Work

Thursday Meme - Avoiding Extra Work
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Sometimes, you may finish your work early on Thursday.  You sit at your desk and look busy to avoid taking on more work, which could mean working late on Thursday.

Looking for Friday

Thursday Meme - Thursday Looking for Friday
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Friday is bound to be in here somewhere.

Not Friday Yet

Thursday Meme - Not Quite Friday Yet
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The disappointment and annoyance of realizing it’s Thursday when you thought it was Friday.

Shopping on Thursday

Thursday Meme - Shopping
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Thursday is a good excuse for shopping!

Long Days

Thursday Meme - Longest Day Ever
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When you’re tired, and Thursday is only half over.

Waiting for Friday

Thursday Meme - Skeleton Waiting for Friday Like
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When you have plans on Friday, it can feel like Thursday will never end.

Second Hump Day

Thursday Meme - Second Hump Day
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Camels campaigning to call Thursday second hump day.

A Cute Sloth for Thursday

Thursday Meme - Sloth Hanging from Tree
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Hang in there! You’re almost to the weekend.

Drama on Thursdays

Thursday Meme - Drama Llamas
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When you just want to do your job, but the drama finds you.

A Different Type of Throwback Thursday

Thursday Meme - Throwback Thursday
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When you throw out your back on a Thursday when standing up at the office.

Happy Thursday

Thursday Meme - Happy Thursday Funny Panda
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Have a great Thursday!

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