18 Funny Labor Day Memes To Make You Laugh During the Long Weekend

Labor Day weekend is here!

You can laugh, or at least smile, at these funny Labor Day memes.

Whether you have the day off or are stuck working, there is a meme for you!

Good Bye Summer

Labor Day Meme - Unofficial last day of summer
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Labor Day weekend is considered the unofficial end of summer. Kids are back to school, and the weather is getting cooler.

Soon people will be planning their fall activities.

BBQ Blessing

Labor Day Meme - BBQ
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Cookouts are a popular activity on Labor Day weekend. I hope yours is great!

A Reminder

Labor Day Meme - Need a Job
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Some people may be unemployed and a little slow on their job search.

Not Everyone Works

Labor Day Meme - No Job
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Retirees can reflect on a time when they did work!

Relaxation Day

Labor Day Meme - Relaxing Dog
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Sometimes, it’s nice to spend Labor Day resting. Self-care is important!

Wearing White After Labor Day

Labor Day Meme - White After Labor Day
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Does anyone follow the “no wearing white after Labor Day” arbitrary fashion rule anymore?

Another Day with No Plans

Labor Day Meme - Extra Day to Lay on the Couch
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For those with no social life, Labor Day is another day for doing nothing much.

Tuesday After Labor Day

Labor Day Meme - Extra Work on Tuesday
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For some, having a day off means extra work to catch up on the next day.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day Meme - Working Extra Hard
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Many people will take advantage of Labor Day sales, which means others are working on Labor Day.

Thanks, but…

Labor Day Meme - Have to Work
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Not everyone gets to have Labor Day off from work!

Funny Dogs

Labor Day Meme - Labrador Dogs
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Sorry, dogs, National Labrador Retriever Day is in January.

No Work to Do

Labor Day Meme - No Work to Day
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It’s fantastic when you have no work to do on Labor Day.

No Alarm Clock

Labor Day Meme - Sleeping In
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It’s nice when you can sleep in on a holiday.

Which Holiday Is It Again?

Labor Day Meme - Confusing Memorial Day with Labor Day
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Labor Day and Memorial Day are often three-day weekends for Americans. Some people mix them up!

Avoiding Work Like

Labor Day Meme - Hiding from Work
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When people have to work on Labor Day, they may do as little as possible.

Labor Experts

Labor Day Meme - Moms
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A shoutout to the moms who had their babies on Labor Day.

Give Me The Money

Labor Day Meme - More Money
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Extra cash for working on Labor Day makes it a little easier.

Lazy Day Feels

Labor Day Meme - Lazy Day
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When your Labor Day is a lazy day.

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