Spelled Right, Wrong Word: 12 Thank You Messages Ruined by 1 Wrong Letter

With English, it can be easy to use the wrong word accidentally.

And sometimes, the wrong word is another word that is spelled correctly. While some Grammar checkers will catch it, most spellcheckers won’t.

I’ve used thank you messages for funny examples when just one letter is off, completely changing the note’s meaning.


Guest Vs. Quest

Guest Vs. Quest
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Thank you for being my guest is a nice thank you message when someone visits you.

However, thank you for being my quest takes on a different meaning.

Guilt Vs. Quilt

Guilt vs. Guilt
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If someone gives you a quilt, and you thank them for the guilt, they will wonder what you feel guilty about.

Lunch Vs. Lynch

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I don’t think anyone would ever say thank you for the lynch. That’s one typo you certainly don’t want to make when saying thank you for the lunch.

Plaque Vs. Plague

Plague vs Plaque
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Q’s and G’s can be an easy mix-up. Getting a plaque where you are recognized as an achievement is awesome.

If you write thank you for the plague in your thank you note, that’s not so awesome.

Sinner Vs. Dinner

Dinner vs Sinner
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After someone has you over for dinner, it’s thoughtful to say thank you for the dinner.

Dinner changed to sinner in your thank you message will raise some eyebrows.

Cash Vs. Gash

Cash vs. Gash
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Saying thank you for cash is common after receiving a monetary gift.

Thank you for the cash. I really appreciate it!

Thank you for the gash. I really appreciate it!

The recipient may find this typo amusing.

Book Vs. Hook

1 Wrong Letter- Book Vs Hook
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Mixing up Book and Hook is unlikely.  However, if you did, the person might think you really don’t remember what they gave you!

Thank you for the wonderful book. I am enjoying it.

Thank you for the wonderful hook. I am enjoying it.

The latter may make someone wonder what’s happening at your place if they gave you a book.

Time Vs. Lime

1 Wrong Letter- Lime vs. Time
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When thinking someone for their time, replacing lime with time would ruin the thank you message.

Saying thank you for your lime when you meant time could make you look unprofessional and lacking attention to detail. Or someone may find your mistake humorous.

Borrow Vs. Sorrow

1 Wrong Letter-10 Borrow vs Sorrow
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Thank you for letting me borrow the book.

Thank you for letting me sorrow the book. Perhaps it was a sad book!

Money Vs. Honey

Honey vs Money
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Money and Honey are very different.  Someone may think you mixed up your thank you notes.

Thank you for the money. You’re very generous.

Thank you for the honey. You’re very generous.

Either message sounds good, but only when given to the person who gave you the money or honey.

Food Vs. Wood

Food vs Wood
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If you write thank you for the wood instead of thank you for the food, the person who made you the food may be offended.

They may think you didn’t like the food.

Sift Vs. Gift

Sift vs Gift
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Thank you for the sift would confuse someone when you meant to thank them for the gift.

Writing Thank You Notes

Writing A thank You Note - Handwritten Thank You
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Writing thank-you notes can be a blessing to others. Spelling words incorrectly can look sloppy.

However, misspelling people’s names definitely ruins the thank-you note for most recipients.

Thank You Memes

Hole Punch Pun Thank You Meme
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Thank you memes can be funny!

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