17 Cute and Funny Friend Memes To Make You Smile

Having good friends is a blessing.

And memes are a great way to celebrate friendship.

Enjoy these funny friend memes that most people with friends can relate to.

Sharing Secrets

Friend Meme - sharing secrets
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Friends are great for sharing secrets with.

Who Is the Bad Influence?

Friend Meme - bad influence
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Maybe your mom said you should hang out with a friend because they are a bad influence. But you stay friends anyway, and after enough time, you’re not sure who in your friend group is the bad influence.

Waiting for the Late Friend

Friend Meme - Skeletons waiting for friend
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Sometimes there is a friend that is always late.

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Dearest Friend

Friend Memes - Dear Friend Pun
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A deer pun for your dearest friend.

Friendship Pun

Friend Meme - Dog Potato Pun
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Cute dog friends.

Strangers Vs. Friends

Friend Meme - Strangers vs. Friends
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When you are content with your friends and don’t want to meet strangers.

Friends that have shared much

Friend Meme - Secrets
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The unbreakable bond of trusted friends.

The Best Days Are Spent with Friends

Friend Meme - doing things with Friends
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There’s nothing like hanging out with good friends.

Support from Friends

Friend Meme - Good Friends Show Up
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Good friends show up to support you whenever needed.

Inside Jokes

Friend Memes - Inside Jokes
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The joy of having inside jokes with a best friend.

Best Friends For Ever

Friend Meme - Cat Avacodes
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When you have a friendship that perfectly compliments each other.

Cool Friends

Friend Meme - Coolest Friends
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Dogs representing friendship. How Cute!

Stupid Things

Friend Meme - Stupid things alone
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Good friends do stupid things with you!


Friend Meme - Types of Friends
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The many forms of friendships. My cats are my friends!

Coworker Friend

Friend Meme - coworker as best friend
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And sometimes your coworker turns into your best friend.

Crazy Friends

Friend Memes - Crazy Friends
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When your friends enjoy the same level of crazy fun.

Two Face Friends

Friend Memes - Fake Friends
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Sometimes, fake friends are easy to spot!

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Say Thank You To A Friend

two women having coffee
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When you have a good friend or best friend, it’s kind to thank them occasionally for their friendship.

Funny Memes About Life

Funny Memes About Life - Pretending Not To See Someone
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Enjoy some funny memes today!

Words Can Be Hard for Some

Mispronounced Words
Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

There are words that I struggle to say correctly. How about you?

Generation X Kid Things

Floppy Disks on Keyboard
Photo Credit: Shaiith/Shutterstock.

There are things I did as a kid in the 1980s that kids these days don’t do anymore.

Staying Busy When Bored At Work

Women Bored at Work
Photo Credit: ruigsantos/Shutterstock.

When you are bored out of your mind at work, there are things you can do to stay busy!

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