20 Funny Saturday Memes To Make You Smile or Giggle

Here are some funny or cute Saturday memes.

Whether you’re working on Saturday or have the day off, these memes help you begin the weekend with a smile.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday Be Like

Saturday Meme - Saturday Be Like Dog
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It’s Saturday. Have fun like this dog.

Another Boring Saturday

Saturday Meme - Coworkers having fun
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The weekends of your coworkers sound like fun. Meanwhile, you don’t have anything to do.

Time to Relax!

Saturday Meme - relax
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Saturdays are for relaxing (for some of us).

Do Nothing

Saturday Meme - Can Do Anything But Do Nothing
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When you look forward to Saturday all week, but then end up doing nothing on your day off.

Time for Fun

Saturday Memes - Raccoon
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This raccoon has been plotting it’s plans for Saturday all week!

Retro Art Saturday

Saturday Meme - Retro Art Saturday
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Yay! It’s Saturday!

Lion Around Pun

Saturday Meme - Lion Around Pun
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When we can enjoy a slow Saturday morning by lying around.

Working on Saturday

Saturday Meme - Working on Saturday
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No one really wants to work on Saturday, but sometimes we have to.

Introvert Saturday Night

Saturday Meme - Introvert Saturday Night
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Introverts would sometimes rather spend Saturday night alone than out with friends.

Staying Under the Covers

Saturday Meme - Dog Under the Covers
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When we’d rather sleep in than go to work on a Saturday.

Saturday Night Date vs. Party

Saturday Meme - Another Date Night
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While you enjoy date nights with your special someone, sometimes you’d rather be at the party.

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Saturday Group Texts

Saturday Meme - Saturday Group Texts
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When you see all of the fun plans your friends are making for Saturday, but you have to work.

Happy Caturday

Saturday Meme - Happy Caturday
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

You likely know at least one cat lady that prefers to call Saturday Caturday.

You also know she will wonder if something is wrong with that cat’s closed eye!

Ignoring Responsibilities

Saturday Meme - Ignoring everything else
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You know there are things you should be doing on a Saturday, but choose to ignore them to relax or have fun.

Saturday Deadlines

Saturday Meme - Saturday Deadline
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When we plan to go fishing or something fun but have to work on Saturday to meet a deadline.

Happy Dog

Saturday Meme - Happy Dog
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Obligatory cute dressed-up dog Saturday meme.

The Joy!

Saturday Meme - Saturday is a day off
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An unexpected joy comes with suddenly remembering you have the day off.

I Love Saturday

Saturday Meme - Dear Saturday I Love You
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When Saturday is your favorite day of the week!

Say What?

Saturday Meme - say what
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When you’d like to pretend that you didn’t hear your boss ask you to come in on Saturday.

Happy Saturday

Saturday Meme - dog and cat
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

A dog and a cat remind us to have a Happy Saturday.

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Shark Memes

Shark Meme - No Alone Time for Momes
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Generation X Kid Things

Floppy Disks on Keyboard
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