Happy Couple Shopping

21 Thank You Messages for Sweetest Day

When writing Happy Sweetest Day messages, you can include a bit of gratitude.  A quick word of thanks could be written inside a Sweetest Day greeting card or sent as a text message.  You can …


Squirrel Memes

12 Funny Squirrel Memes to Make You Smile

Squirrels are cute little critters, perfect for memes. Go nuts and enjoy some funny squirrel memes today! The Bird Feeder Squirrels are notorious for eating bird food from bird feeders. This squirrel is looking guilty. …


Cat Thank You - Cat Stretching

How To Thank a Feral Cat Caretaker

People caring for feral cats provide them with food, water, and shelter. They may also be trapping them and getting them neutered or spayed (usually through a low-cost program). Then, they are returned to the …


Writing A thank You Note - Be Specific - Grateful Child

Thank You Thursday Messages

Soon after I started this site, I discovered Thank You Thursdays. On Thursdays, you can write a thank-you message to a friend, family member, boss, coworker, or someone else that you are thankful for. When …