Write an AWESOME thank you note for dinner

Write an AWESOME thank you note for dinner

If you’ve had dinner at a friend’s house or went to a dinner party, be sure to follow up with a thank-you note.

First I will share some reasons on why you should write a thank you note for the dinner. That will be followed by one exception. And then I will share tips on how to make your note awesome!

Reasons to write a thank you note to host:

Their Time: Making dinner takes a lot of time and organization. Most hosts clean their house extensively to have it ready for visitors.

Hospitality: The host opened up their home to you. They hosted a potluck for your group. They may not have had to prepare all (if any) of the food but they still had you into their home.

The food: To compliment them on a dish you enjoyed. You can also request the recipe in your note.

It’s polite: Show your good manners and get invited back again! If the host feels appreciated they are much more likely to do another dinner.

They respected your diet: The host followed your special diet (paleo, no sugar, no whatever) or made your favorites. They didn’t make anything you are allergic too or hate.

Gathering everyone together: Eating together is about more than the food. It’s about spending together, connecting, and building stronger relationships.

Add your own reasons!

Thank you note for dinner

Exception – the weekly meal:

If you have a weekly meal with the same group of people you do not need to write the host a thank you note each time. Be sure to thank them in person before leaving each week. Then you can write them an occasional thank you note.

When possible, my sister has me over for dinner about once week. And my parents have my husband and I and my sister’s family over for lunch nearly every Sunday. I say “thank you” each time but do not send a weekly thank you note.  I feel that a weekly thank you note is over the top and eventually will just become routine and not meaningful.

How to make your note awesome:

Indicate when the dinner was. Mention something specific that you liked. Only saying “Thanks for dinner” will feel very generic. What exactly are you thanking them for? If you loved a particular dish tell them. If you met new friends at the dinner, thank the host for the introduction. Recognize the amount of time it took them to prepare.

[color-box]The specific details make your note awesome![/color-box]

Example formula for dinner:

Dear [insert name],

Thank you for dinner [insert when dinner was]. I liked the [insert favorite dish]. [insert one or more of the reasons listed above – phrased in your own words]. I hope we can share dinner again soon!

Thanks Again,
[insert your name]

Thank you for dinner thank you note examples:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for having me over for dinner last Tuesday. I enjoyed visiting with your family. And thank you for making a 21 day sugar detox friendly meal! The Brussels sprouts were fantastic.

Love Heidi

Dear Violet,

I enjoyed the dinner at your house last Friday night. I am amazed with the amount of dishes that you made and they were all so wonderful. Thank you for spending so much time to prepare it. The grilled lamb chops were my favorite!

Thanks Again,


Dear Cindy,

I was very impressed that you bought Practical Paleo to make a paleo meal for Ted and me. I hope you like the book as much as we do! We enjoyed the meal you made for us and appreciated that you are giving paleo a chance. Next time we will have to our place for more paleo inspired recipes!


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones,

Thank you for inviting Ted and me to your home for dinner. The pot roast and mashed potatoes were delicious. Your living room felt cozy with the fireplace during dessert. Next time we will have you over to our place!

Best regards,

Heidi and Ted


Dear Janet,

Thank you for dinner! Being invited over at the last minute was a welcomed surprise. I was so happy to not have to make something after work. You are a wonderful neighbor and friend. The chicken soup was amazing too!




Dear Bill and Lindsey,

The dinner party was awesome last night! We had a great time eating, laughing, and visiting with the others.  Your friend, George, is so funny! Where did you find the time to make all of that food? The walnut stuffed dates wrapped with bacon were one of the best things I have ever tasted! We are looking forward to the next party already!

Thanks again!


I hope this post will inspire you to write thank you notes to the host when you’re invited to dinner!


You borrowed a car, return it with a thank you note!
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