35 Thank You Note for Gifts After Baby with Wording Examples

Baby gifts may trickle in over the first few weeks or months of having a new baby. Saying thank-you will show your gratitude.

Here are some tips for writing baby gift thank-you notes:

  • ​Make a list of the gifts (this includes meals) and who gave them as they are received. If a card was given with the gift, you could make a note of what the gift was on the card to help you remember what it was. Don’t assume you will remember who gave you what if you are waiting for more than a couple of days to write the notes.
  • If you don’t want to make a list, write the thank-you note the same day as the gift was received. Make it a habit of writing the notes at the end of each day for any new gift received.
  • Include what the gift was in your note. People like to know that you know what you gave them.
  • Share what gift cards were spent on or what you plan to buy with them. More tips for writing a thank you note for gift cards can be read here.
  • If you are open to visits, invite the person over to see the new baby in your note.
  • Say why you liked the gift or compliment it.
  • If you don’t remember what people gave you, you can still send a thank you note. Most people like pictures of babies, so you could make a card on Shutterfly and include a generic thank you note message on it. Click here to view a post with generic thank you note wording examples.

If you’re writing thank you notes for gifts received at the baby shower you can also read the baby shower post here.

Examples of thanking co-workers for baby gifts can be found in the thanking your coworkers post here and for thanking your boss for a baby gift are in this boss post.

The examples below are the center section of the thank you note. Learn more about how to write a good thank you.

Below, you will find wording examples for thank you notes for gift cards, other baby gifts (clothes, diapers, toys, etc), meals, and flowers.

Use the example messages as inspiration for your thank-you notes! Items in [brackets] should be replaced as appropriate for your gifts.

Thank you note for a baby gift card

#1 Thank you for the gift card for [Store Name]. We used the gift card for a [whatever you bought] for [Baby’s name]. We appreciate your generosity and support.

#2 We were very surprised to receive the Target gift card in the mail from you. We bought Jake a baby swing with it. He seems to enjoy the swing so far. I will text you a picture of him in it.

#3 We love shopping for little Violet. The clothes at [store name] are cute. With your gift card, we got a matching shirt set for Violet and [older sister’s name]. The shirt for Violet says “Little Sister,” and the other says “Big Sister.” It’s fun to pick out the cute matching outfits before they have a say in what they wear! We hope you can come for a visit soon.

#4 We use your gift card to get a baby monitoring system for [Baby’s name] room. I like how the monitor gives us the freedom to be downstairs while he is sleeping upstairs as when [Baby’s name] cries I can hear him through it. Well, I’m sure you know how the monitor works from when you had little ones! Feel free to stop by for a visit.

#5 The gift card to [store name] was a blessing. We are grateful for your support as we begin this new chapter in life with [Baby’s name]. We will use the gift towards new clothes when [Baby’s name] is into the next size. Also, thanks for stopping by to visit with us.

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Thank you note wording for baby gifts (other than gift cards)

#1 Thank you for the cute onesies. The cat and dog print is perfect for us. We hope that [Baby’s name] will love animals as she grows up!

#2 The baby monitor is an incredible blessing! Thank you for dropping it off so soon after [Baby’s name] was born. I like being able to hear her when she wakes up when I’m in a different room. The monitor makes me feel like I can have a bit more flexibility when he is napping.

#3 The baby books are great! The thick cardboard pages will be easy for Buster to hold on to once he learns how to grip. For now, I will enjoy reading them to him!

#4 Thank you for the bibs and bottles. Both are practical items that are getting a lot of use. The [brand name] of bottles has worked out perfectly too for [Baby’s name] as she does not have any problems drinking from them.

#5 The pajamas for [Baby’s name] are adorable! She will be set on pajamas until she grows into the next size. The pink and purple colors are perfect too. Please feel free to stop by for a visit.

#6 I love the Pack and Play! The bassinet has been convenient for the past few weeks. [Baby’s name] sleeps in it in our room at night. Also, thank you for putting it together for us! That was a pleasant surprise to come home to from the hospital.

#7 ​Thank you for the toys for [Baby’s Name]. He will have fun playing with them. The cat-themed rattles are cute too. He also seems to enjoy listening to the music from the [toy that plays music].

#8 We are grateful for the high chair! When [Baby’s Name] is big enough to use it, we will slide him right up to our dining table so that he feels included. I love that you found one where the tray can be adjusted with one hand.

#9 The baby outfits for Violet are adorable. She is growing fast, so I will have her wear it often as its one of the cutest outfits that she has received so far. I will send you a picture of her wearing it soon!

#10 The baby blanket is very soft! Thank you for making Jake a baby blanket. He likes to cuddle with it already.

Thank you note for diapers and wipes

#1 Thank you for the diapers and wipes for [Baby’s name] at the diaper party. We are stocked up on diapers for at least a month. The cost can add up, and we are thankful for them!

#2 The Diaper Genie is convenient. Thank you for giving us one. We are using it every day. I underestimated how often babies are changed before having [Baby’s name]. We are learning a lot with a new baby at home!

#3 [Baby’s name] is a poop machine! We appreciate the diapers and wipes. Thank you for giving us two boxes of [brand name of diapers].

#4 We are grateful for the diapers and wipes that you sent. Seeing UPS drop off a box was fun. Usually, we watch deliveries go to the neighbors! And thank you for getting [brand name] as we requested on our Amazon wish list. This brand works best for [Baby’s name]’s sensitive skin.

#5 I love practical baby gifts! Thank you for the diapers. I’m grateful to have a stock of them for the first few weeks. Please come see us soon! I won’t ask you to change any diapers, I promise!

Thank you note for used baby clothes

#1 Thank you for giving us the baby clothes from your daughter as she outgrows them. We appreciate your support as we know you could have sold them at a garage sale or online. We will pay it forward and pass them on to another family when [Baby’s name] is too big for them.

#2 The hand-me-down baby clothes from your family are a blessing! We didn’t expect to have twins which means we need double of most things. The clothes are in great condition too. You’ll have to share your tips for getting stains out (or avoiding them in the first place!).

#3 Thank you for passing your baby clothes on to us. Baby clothes feel expensive since they outgrow them so fast. We will save them to pass on to another family in need.

#4 The bags of baby clothes are wonderful! And I appreciate that you have organized them by size. It will be neat seeing pictures of my baby and your baby with the same outfit but months apart in grandma’s scrapbook!

#5 Thank you for passing on your baby’s clothes to my baby. I am glad we are friends and can share with each other. [Older child’s name] is having a growth spurt. We will have more clothes for [friend’s child’s name] soon. This clothing swap idea of yours is working out well for both of us!

Thank you notes for meals after baby

#1 Thank you for bringing the family [what they brought] after the baby was born. We were quite busy the first few weeks adjusting to having [Baby’s name]. We appreciate your kindness.

#2 All of the food you brought the week Violet was born was fantastic. The lasagna was better than any we have ever had at a restaurant. The egg casserole was perfect to warm up when we had a chance to eat. Thank you for visiting with us too.

#3 Thank you for the wonderful homemade meal last week. I was happy not to have to cook while getting used to having Violet around. The pizza casserole made with zucchini was so tasty and healthy too. Please stop by for a visit anytime and I will have your Pyrex dishes clean and ready for you.

#4 You are excellent at making casseroles! The ham, pineapple, and rice casserole were a huge hit with the entire family. They were worried about they would eat once Violet arrived. Your dish was their favorite of all the food brought to us.

#5 Thank you for organizing the meal delivery when Violet was born. Also, the taco chicken soup was delicious. And I appreciate the extra effort of the ripe avocados since they are out of season right now.

Flowers after baby

#1 Thank you for the beautiful flowers to help us celebrate the birth of [Baby’s name]. We have taken a picture of them for the scrapbook! Also, thank you for coming to visit us at the hospital. We are excited to be new parents!

#2 The flowers you sent to the hospital are lovely. The arrangement was lovely, and as you know, purple tulips are my favorite. We enjoyed having the flowers in the room during our stay and at home on the counter. Come see us soon!

#3 We appreciate the flowers to help us welcome [baby’s] name into the world. They helped the day feel even more special. Thank you for thinking of us!

#4 Thank you for the beautiful daisies when [Baby’s name] was born. They were delightful to look at while learning to nurse at the hospital. We are thankful that you will be part of [Baby’s name]’s life as she grows.

#5 We are still enjoying the pink carnations that you sent after Violet and I came home from the hospital. They look great on the counter. Thank you for sending them when we announced Violet’s birth. I can hardly believe that she will be a month old in a few days.

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