Minted Review – Cost, process, Customization, and the Ideal Customer

What is Minted? sells thank you note cards, wedding invitations, stationary, stickers, address labels, art, and other items created by independent designers. They run challenges to decide which new designs to add. Fans of the site vote to determine the winners. Other shoppers help determine what gets sold.

When a friend told me about Minted, I decided to order some thank you cards. I quickly discovered that Minted offers a different type of experience than Current Catalog. On Minted, cards are not sold in predetermined quantities (6, 10, 12, etc.). Each card has a minimum number of cards that can be ordered. As you increase the quantity ordered, the price per card is lowered.

The Cost

These were the most expensive thank you note cards that I have ever purchased. I decided to go with the minimum number of cards which was 25 for the design I selected. I was feeling frugal so I wanted to determine if they were “worth” it. Each card was $2.60. They are definitely worth it!

Is the cost justified? As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. So what are you paying for? The weight of the paper is heavier than the weight of lower cost note cards. I noticed this immediately when I received my order.

Customer service is good. They send an email during each step of the process. And the Minted process allows you to confirm your order and customizations before it is printed. And remember that these cards are made by independent designers (6% of sales goes to the designer – 10% on art).

Give them your email address to get special offers and save!

The cost of Minted items is higher than packaged cards from a retail store, Amazon, or Current Catalog. Before making your first Minted order be sure to take advantage of a special offer. To get in on the offers you’ll need to give them your email address.

When you arrive on the Minted site for the first time, a pop-up box may appear with a special offer. This will very likely be for a percentage off your first order. If you plan to make a purchase, definitely give them your email address before you sign up.

On return visits (when I was not logged into my account) I saw another offer for 10% off if I completed a short survey. I also continue to get emails from them. Not all of them of them include a sale or discount.


My Minted Order. The presentation of the cards and envelopes was impressive.
My Minted Order. The presentation of the cards and envelopes was impressive.

Shipping was 7.95 for my order. And it took two days for my order to arrive once it was shipping. Minted provides a tracking link (my order came via FedEx).

However, this was after my order was reviewed, approved, and printed. This part of the process took a few days too. So, be sure to plan ahead if you need your order by a specific date as it could take a week or more to get your order.

The total number of days from placing my order and receiving was 7 or 8 days.

The Quality, The Options, and Unique products

The weight of the paper is much heavier than the cards I usually use. This makes them feel fancy and special. I sent one to my mom and sister and they were also impressed.

There was also an option to have my return address printed directly on the envelopes. This is a nice feature but at $16.00 I decided that I could use address labels that I already had. Also, for an additional $4 I could have chosen brown or silver envelopes. I went with white for no additional charge.

Even the shipping box made a great impression. On the inside of the box are signatures of some of the designers. Also, the cards were wrapped in a nice green ribbon. There was a sticker on it that said who packaged my box and that it was packaged for me. Both names were hand written!

They also have a style of address labels called Skinnywrap Address Labels. As you can see in the photo below, they wrap around the envelope. Your return address appears on the front of the card in the usual top left corner. The text on the part that wraps around can be customized. “a sweet hello” shown can be changed to whatever you’d like (as long as it fits). I like how this look and they could be used to make your envelopes stand out.

Most (maybe all) items on Minted can be personalized. I did not realize this until I found the thank you note card I wanted to order. It had “Thanks” written on the front and a place at the bottom for a name or names. I could have changed “Thanks” to anything that I wanted that would have fit in the box. I could have also requested a specific font. Minted also sells impressive looking Foil-pressed Personalized Stationery.

Thank you note selection

I was impressed with the number of thank you note cards offered by Minted (over 100). Some cards have the option to use your own photo, which is a nice option for wedding thank you notes if you want to include a wedding photo.

Also, there are a large number of choices in the  Personalized Stationery section that could work for thank you note cards. The flat version (not folded – just a flat card) prices begin at $2.33 each which is slightly less than the folded cards which seem to begin at $2.60. You can also order wedding invitations that are coordinated to match a thank you card.

My Minted Order. The presentation of the cards and envelopes was impressive.
My Minted Order. The presentation of the cards and envelopes was impressive.

Website experience

The Minted website is designed well and easy to use. I love the sidebar on the left that allows you to narrow down items by various categories including color, style, and price. Also, for my search test, I used “cat” and “cats”. I am pleased to report I received the same results for both terms. Each item also has a quick look option to give you a zoomed in close up without going to the page for that item.

The mobile site is mobile friendly, well most of it. When choosing something to order the page was hard to read. The mobile version may be okay to use on a tablet, but I would not recommend it for a smartphone as I found it difficult to read. Also customizing would be much more difficult on a phone due to the smaller screen size.

The one quirky thing I experienced

Minted’s target audience seems to be those that are getting married. When I received the email to review the proof the email text included “Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!” Well, I am already married. I could not determine anywhere where I told them my martial status.

Minted sells many items (such as those for Back to School and Art) that are not wedding related so I’m not sure what triggered them to think I was getting married. Maybe the thank you note card I choose was in the wedding section and that is what triggered the “congratulations”. I just picked it because I liked it!

Who is Minted for?

  • The soon to be married who want wedding invitations (and thank you notes, too) that will stand out.
  • Like to support independent designers
  • Enjoy luxurious paper quality and have the budget for it
  • Want to be able to personalize and customize
  • Looking for unique thank you cards, etc.

Minted is ideal for those looking for higher end thank you note cards, wedding invitations, etc. if you want to step up your cards a notch Minted is the place to do it!

Have you ordered items from Minted? What do you think?

Note: I am an affiliate for, Amazon, Current Catalog, and Minted. If you follow the links from this page to their sites and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Your support is appreciated. Thank you!

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