How to Thank Your Accountant or Bookkeeper

Thank You to your accountant or bookkeeperAccountants and bookkeepers both help manage finances but perform different functions. Read how they are different here and here.

Sending your accountant or bookkeeper a gift or thank-you note will let them know how much you appreciate them!

Also, if they are working at a place with other accountants and bookkeepers, your gift has the potential to make them stand out to the boss. The boss may think they really helped out the customer and the customer appreciated it enough to send a gift. What a great compliment!

What can you do thank your accountant or bookkeeper?

  • Order pizza for them on or near tax day, which is usually April 15 in the United States. This is their busy season where they are often working long hours.
  • Send brownies, cookies or a fruit basket. You may choose to bless the entire accounting department with a┬álarge basket that it can be shared.
  • Accountants are often called “bean counters”. If you know your accountant likes jelly beans, sending them some is a cute way of saying thanks as well.
  • A gift card to their favorite coffee place.
  • A handwritten thank you note can be included with the gifts mentioned or sent instead of a gift. They may appreciate your words more than a physical gift!

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Accountant or Bookkeeper thank you note examples

Dear Jake,

Thank you for being diligent with the record keeping. I am very happy and relieved that you found the receipt I misplaced. I appreciate all the time you spend keeping the books balanced. It makes things go much smoother at tax time.

Thanks Again!

Dear Violet,

I am very grateful for the extra time you spent running the financial reports this week. We were able to identify several areas where we can save costs because of your efforts. Your time was well spent.



I am so excited to have you as my CPA! All the stress had at tax time when I was doing the work myself is gone. You are a blessing. I am thankful to have you as part of my team.

Kind regards,

Dear Buster,

What a year it has been! You have done a wonderful job keeping track of all the receipts. I am grateful for how organized you are! I also appreciate your accuracy.

All the best,

Hello Lina,

I hope you like jelly beans! You are my favorite bean counter and I appreciate all that you do to keep the finances in order. I take comfort knowing that you are in charge of the books. I hope tax time goes well for you!

Best regards,

Dear Kayla,

You have been a joy to work with as my bookkeeper. I am amazed at how quickly you are able to categorize the payments and run the weekly reports. Thank you for being awesome!

Thanks again,

How do you thank your accountant or bookkeeper? Share in a comment below.

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