The free thank-you note writing guides on this page are downloadable PDFs designed to help you with a specific thank-you note tasks.

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How to Write a Better Thank-You Note

Cover of How to write a better thank-you note

Do you feel like all your notes sound the same? Do you want to write personal, unique, or meaningful thank-you notes?

This guide includes 9 tips to improve your thank-you notes and provides 3 examples of how to use the tips.

Mini Thank-You Note Writing Guide

Mini Thank You Note Writing Guide

In this guide you will learn:

  • The basic outline of a thank-you note
  • The 5 key parts to include in your notes
  • There are 15 thank-you note examples

25 Ways To Say Thank Y‚Äčou To Your Boss For A Raise Or Bonus

25 Ways To Say Thank You To Your Boss For A Raise Or Bonus

Are you not sure what to say in a thank-you note to your boss for a raise or bonus?

This guide provides:

  • Tips on what to include and exclude from your thank-you note
  • 25 thank-you note examples. These examples are included in the examples in this post.