How To Say Thank you For Money

Heidi Bender

Step 1

Decide if you want to share your plans for the money you were given.

Step 2

Write the thank you message.  The wording can feel like a challenge. Review examples to get ideas.

3 Tips

Tip #1

Mentioning the amount of money in your message is not needed.  The recipient will know how much they gave you.

Tip #2

Other words you can use instead of money in your note are: - Gift - Blessing - Support

Tip #3

Include a compliment of the person that gave you the money. - You are thoughtful.  - You're a generous person. - I appreciate your kindness.

2 Example Messages

Example #1: Saving The Money

Dear Mom, Thank you for the birthday gift. I appreciate your generosity. I will be saving the money towards a down payment on my next car.  Love, Heidi

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Example #2: Spending The Money

Dear Julie, Thank you for your generous gift. I will enjoy a shopping spree soon for new clothes and a nice lunch out. Love, Heidi

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