Write a handwritten thank you note to show your gratitude

Write a handwritten thank you note to show your gratitude

One of the greatest pleasures in life is giving and receiving. Most people like to receive gifts or help with something. We are often quick to reply with a “Thanks” or “Thank You” in person. We’ve said these responses so many times they’ve almost lost their meaning. It’s like an automatic response. To show your gratitude write the person a handwritten thank you note.

The #1 reason to write a thank you note is to show your gratitude.

A handwritten thank you note is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. Yesterday’s post discussed entitlement. If you do not send a thank-you note, the giver may be left wondering if you suffer from entitlement and did not really appreciate the gift.

Handwritten thank-you notes have several advantages when it comes to showing your gratitude.

handwritten thank you note from Brian

This thank you note was written to my husband and I this summer by my brother Brian. Brian and I are twins (if you were wondering about the b-day comment).

You took the time to handwrite it. In addition to showing your gratitude that will make you stand out. The note can be written in a few minutes which isn’t long. But much longer than the seconds it takes to post on Facebook, Twitter, or send a text message.

You have to think about the words you will use. This is not usually a difficult process but words will be permanently on paper (if you write using a pen). There is no editing once it is sent. There will not be a chance to add “lol”. The person may even keep the thank you note for a while.

Add a comment about why you are thankful. It only needs to be one sentence. This lets the person know that you actually know what they gave you too.

You were resourceful enough to find their address. Here are 8 tips on finding addresses (and the one thing that you should not do!).

Remember gift-givers like to be recognized for their efforts. It’s possible that a great deal of thought went into the picking out of the gift. A financial gift may seem like an easier gift, however, the person may have had to sacrifice something else in their budget in order to give you the gift of money.

Do you write handwritten thank you notes?

31 Days Tons of ThanksIf you need help writing a thank-you note check out these 5 easy to follow steps!

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