“Death by Swimming Pool Drain” 11 Fears I Can’t Shake

Like many people, I have some fears. Maybe you share some of them.

If you watched the 20/20 episodes in the late 1990s about swimming pool drains, perhaps, like me, you’ve never forgotten the horrible deaths some suffered.

Some of my other fears are not logical.

Dropping Car Keys Into a Drain

Drain in parking lot
Photo Credit: MarinaP/Shutterstock.

I have this fear of accidentally dropping my keys into a drain in a parking lot.

For example, what if my keys slipped out of my hand as I walked over a drain? Then my keys would be lost. Or, with some drains, I could see them and not reach them.

So, I always ensure my keys are secured in my pocket or purse when I’m outdoors!

I don’t know where this fear comes from, but this is one fear that my husband also has.

Problems When Getting Handcuffed

Handcuffed Woman
Photo Credit: Yuri Shebalius/Shutterstock.

My flexibility could be better through my shoulders and arms. After a conversation with friends about people being arrested, I developed a new fear.

What would happen if I got arrested and my hands were not close together behind my back? Would the officers force my arms and shoulders? Would they break my arms to be able to make the handcuffs fit?

In reality, I think the police have encountered people lacking flexibility before and would not physically harm me. But I still fear the what-ifs! And, of course, I have no plans to get arrested!

Groups of Birds

Lots of Birds in Sky
Photo Credit: MyOpinion/Shutterstock.

One bird is okay, or a few birds. When I see a group of birds, I fear what would happen if they decided to come after me as a group. I imagine them going for my eyes first.

A single bird I am confident I could defend against, but if there were a hundred, I wonder if I would survive.

Shoe String Stuck in the Escalator

Photo Credit: Mumemories/Shutterstock.

So, growing up, when my family visited malls with escalators, my mom warned us not to let our shoestrings get caught in the escalator. I’ve been paranoid ever since!

Maybe the worst that would happen is having to remove my shoe quickly. However, I imagine my leg getting cut off at the ankle.

Cats Turning On Me

Cats jumping in midair
Photo Credit: Nils Jacobi/Shutterstock.

I am a cat lady and currently have seven indoor cats. They are all friendly and lovely cats.

However, sometimes I wonder, what if they all decided to attack me at the same time?

They could destroy me as a group! Or maybe I could fight them off. I hope I never find out.

Randomly Falling or Tripping

Photo Credit: ninaveter/Shutterstock.

Now, I know where this fear comes from. About 25 years ago, I tripped on the curb at Olive Garden when going there for lunch.

No one plans to trip. My fall was a complete and embarrassing surprise. I also ruined a nice pair of pants!

So, I still fear randomly tripping or falling when walking in public.

Shared Bowling Balls

Bowling Ball
Photo Credit: Vladimir Batishchev/Shutterstock.

Bowling allies usually have balls for guests to use. I have this fear of putting my finger into a bowling ball and there being something in it. For example, if some kid or teenager thought it would be funny to put into a ball.

To avoid this fear, I have my own bowling ball.

This fear of mine most likely comes from a situation that happened to my sister in the 1980s. Once, she got a finger full of ketchup from the coin return of a pay phone at the mall.

Being Eaten Alive by a Snake

Giant Snake about to eat a woman
Photo Credit: Barroa Artwork/Shutterstock.

There are no snakes naturally in my area that are large enough to eat an entire adult.

Nonetheless, I still have the fear of waking up inside of a snake. What if someone’s exotic pet snake escaped and found a way into my house unnoticed?

Since I found this stock photo, maybe others also have this fear!

Go Missing in a Park

Missing Person Poster On Tree
Photo Credit: StockMediaSeller/Shutterstock.

Thanks to shows and books like Missing 4-1-1, I’ve learned about people who go missing in National Parks and other wilderness areas.

Some disappearances are unexplainable and remind me of watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid.

Many of the people are alone when they disappear, so I have no plans to be alone in the woods or a National Park.

Hair Getting Stuck on Things

Long Hair on a ride
Photo Credit: Matt Sheppard/Shutterstock.

Another fear is my hair getting stuck where it shouldn’t while on a roller coaster or waterslide ride. And then I would get stuck or ripped off the ride.

I haven’t been on any amusement rides in years, but if I ever go on another ride again, I will be sure my hair is safely secured.

Swimming Pool Drains

Swimming Pool Drain
Photo Credit: Natalya Lys/Shutterstock.

This is the least weird fear on my list; it may not seem as weird. It’s likely many others also have this fear.

Ever since I saw the 20/20 episode about people drowning after getting stuck on a pool drain, I’ve been afraid of pool drains. According to the description in this video, the show aired in 1997.

The show probably saved lives with the warning about the drains. I am assuming swimming pool safety has improved since then, but I still avoid pool drains.

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