Thank You for Visiting Messages

Heidi Bender | Tons of Thanks

After a visit, you can thank the visitor for visiting with you.

Say Thank You For

 1. Anything fun

 2. Any food or treats they brought over

 3. The conversation

Example #1

Dear Heidi, Thank you for coming over to visit.  We love hearing about what's going on in your life. The chocolate chip cookies were delicious! Thanks again, Mom and Dad

Dear Julie, Thank you for visiting us. We had fun playing games with you on Sunday afternoon. We look forward to your next visit.  Love, Violet and Family

Example #2

Example #3

Bob, Thank you for coming over for lunch. I enjoyed our conversation and catching up.  All the best, Ted

Short Message

Thank you for visiting me. You are a thoughtful person to stop by.

Thank You Memes