Saying Thank you for A PromOtion

Heidi Bender | Tons of Thanks

When you are promoted, you can say thank you to your boss to express your gratitude.

When writing your boss a thank you note for the promotion, let them know why you are grateful.

That you are thankful for any help or mentoring from the boss that made your promotion possible. Looking forward to the new responsibilities.  Grateful for the raise that was part of the promotion.

You could mention:

Thank You For Promotion

Example #1

Dear Violet, Thank you for my recent promotion to [Job Title]. I appreciate all of the mentoring you gave me the last year. Sincerely, Heidi

Thank You For Promotion

Example #2

Dear Jake, I am excited about my promotion. Thank you very much! I am looking forward to the additional responsibilities.  Best Regards, Heidi

Thank You For Promotion

Example #3

Dear Charlotte, Thank you the promotion and the raise. I am grateful for both and enjoy working for you. Kind Regards, Heidi