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Writing Thank you notes

Knowing what to say in a thank you note can feel hard. What words should you choose? What do you write to make your thank you note good?

This site will help you write notes that are not generic, cliche thank you notes. 

There are hundreds of free samples on this site to inspire your thank you note wording. Examples are given for specific topics to help you write the best thank you note possible. 

The key to writing a good thank you notes is to mention exactly why or for what you are writing the note for.It’s my #1 tip! 

Sometimes, though you may not remember what a gift was. Writing a thank-you note is still okay! You’ll have to use generic wording, but that is better than not writing a note at all. 

The thank you note samples you’ll find on Tons of Thanks are to provide you inspiration for your thank you note writing! 

Examples notes can help if your are stuck! 

If you are new to thank you note writing, these two post will help you get started right away:

When you need to write a bunch of notes at one time:

For weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, or other events where you receive lots of gifts at once, you may feel overwhelmed. Please read my guide here on how to write 100 notes are more (the tips can be applied to smaller amounts of 10, 20, or 50. etc. as well) 

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