19 Fun Things You Can Do To This Summer

You can squeeze in more summer activities before this summer season ends and kids return to school.

While some summer activities can be done at any time of the year, there are others you can only do in the summer.

You may discover something new to do on this list of summer activities.

Enjoy Ice Cream

Summer Activities Things To Do - Ice Cream
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Go to an ice cream stand that is only open in the summer. Enjoy a delicious treat on a hot summer day.

For extra fun, go to an ice cream place a little further away that you have yet to go to.

Dark Sky Viewing Areas

Summer Activities Things To Do - Dark Sky
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The constellations you can see in the summer will differ from other seasons.

Visit a dark sky park or preserve where the sky can be seen clearly with less light pollution than in a city.

With the ever-changing skies,  you can repeat this as a fall activity.

Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

Summer Activities Things To Do - Sunrise or Sunset
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The sunrise or sunset colors can be different throughout the year.

Also, it may be more fun to watch the colors of the sky when the weather is warm than when watching the sky as a fall activity.

You can find a nearby lake, park, or other location with the best horizon view.

Go Fishing or Boating

Summer Activities Things To Do - Fishing or Boating
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There are many ways to enjoy fishing or boating in the summer.  Make sure you purchase any required fishing licenses for your state.

  • Charter a fishing boat
  • Fish from shore
  • Go to a nearby lake with public access.

If you do not want to fish, you could relax and enjoy the water from a boat or a picnic table on the shore.

Visit An Historical Site

Summer Activities Things To Do - Historical Sites
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Visit nearby historical landmarks or battlefields.

You may learn some history of your local area.

In some locations, reenactments of battles or what it was like to live during that period may occur during the summer.

Take a Walk in the Woods

Summer Activities Things To Do - Walk in the Woods
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Find a park with trails and enjoy a hike. The summer scenery may differ from other seasons, depending on where you live.

You could research a park with a hidden waterfall, a great view, or something interesting to see.

Also, you could do some bird watching or other things to make your walk fun.

Visit a Waterpark

Summer Activities Things To Do - Visit a Waterpark
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Waterparks are only open in the summer in some areas of the country.

Gather up your friends or family and enjoy a day at a waterpark.

Remember to use sunscreen!

Outdoor Concerts

Summer Activities Things To Do - Outdoor Concerts
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Find out if your favorite band or singer is performing at an outdoor venue.

There are also local groups that may have outdoor events during the summer.

For example, my city has a band that performs for free each week in the summer.

Have a Picnic

Summer Activities Things To Do - Picnic
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Pack a picnic basket and head to a park or your backyard.

Enjoy eating outdoors while it’s warm.

You may be able to combine your picnic with other activities, such as walking on trails at a park.

Have a Bonfire

Summer Activities Things To Do - Bonfire
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A summer bonfire can be fun, as it will be warm enough to enjoy without flannel shirts, sweaters, or blankets.

You can roast marshmallows and make s’mores or just hang out around the fire with friends.

Be sure to check for burn bans before having a bonfire. And remember to be safe!

Go Kayaking

Summer Activities Things To Do - Go Kayaking
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Kayak on a river or lake that is safe for kayaking.

Some parks rent kayaks during the summer.

Go Camping

Summer Activities Things To Do - Go Camping
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Camping is a beloved summer activity for many.

Take your tent or camper and spend a weekend or week in the great outdoors.

Attend an Air Show

Summer Activities Things To Do - Air Show
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Attend an air show with the family. You’ll see flight demonstrations and perhaps acrobatics from the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds.

Air shows can be loud, so you may need ear protection.

Go Somewhere New

Summer Activities Things To Do - Go Somewhere New
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Look at a map for a location you’ve never been to that you’d like to visit.

You could make it a day trip or a short Sunday afternoon drive.

Farmer’s Market

Summer Activities Things To Do - Farmer's Market
Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.

In some areas, like where I live in Michigan, the Farmer’s Markers are only open during the summer and early fall.

Some farmer’s markets allow vendors other than farmers. So you may be able to find unique crafts or other items.

Go to the Beach

Summer Activities Things To Do - Go to the Beach
Photo Credit: Erickson Stock/Shutterstock.

The beach could be on a lake or the ocean, depending on the bodies of water close to you.

Have fun in the sun building sandcastles or reading a book.

Remember your sun protection and obey any posted warning regarding unsafe currents.

Baseball Games

Summer Activities Things To Do - Baseball Games
Photo Credit: Brocreative/Shutterstock.

Go to a baseball game. And remember, it doesn’t have to be a major league game.

There are more minor league teams than major league teams. And the cost of attending a minor league game is likely less, and you can have just as much fun.

Visit a National Park

Summer Activities Things To Do - Visit a National Park
Photo Credit: GagliardiPhotography/Shutterstock.

Take a trip to one of the 63 National Parks and enjoy its beauty.

Your distance from the park will help you determine how many days to plan for your trip.

Local Summer Events

Summer Activities Things To Do - Local Summer Events
Photo Credit: David Fowler/Shutterstock.

Check for local seasonal events in your city or immediate area.

The events will vary by location. Examples are annual local festivals, the county fair, parades, and Renaissance festivals.

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