17 Things You Can Do On Your Day Off

Have the day off? Here are some things you could do.

Life is feel of choices. You can choose to do something fun, relaxing, productive, or sit on the couch all day.

Meal Planning and Prep

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Meal Planning and Prep
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Planning meals is a productive thing you can do on your day off.

Take time to decide what you will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of the workweek.

Then, you can go shopping for any groceries you will need. And you can do any preparation that makes sense in advance.

Sleep In or Nap

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Sleep
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If you need to catch up on sleep, sleep in, or nap on your day off.

Please inform others about your plan for extra sleep so that your sleep is not interrupted. This may require making arrangements for others to watch any children.

Make a Large Meal

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Cook
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On your day off, you may choose to spend time cooking.

You could make a large meal, such as a large casserole, with enough leftover servings for lunches during the week.

If you feel ambitious, you could make two casseroles simultaneously to have even more leftovers. You may need to put some of the leftovers into the freezer for later in the week.

Go Out for Lunch

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Go Out for Lunch
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Treat yourself to a relaxed lunch out with friends or family.

Or, if you prefer to have alone time on your day off, go to the restaurant of your choice alone.  You could also get takeout to enjoy at home or your favorite park.


Things To Do On Your Day Off - Exercise
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There are many benefits to exercising.

I have more energy and sleep better on days that I exercise.

You could follow along with a YouTube video or go for a brisk walk.

Or try out roller skating or another new to you fun activity that would be considered exercise.

Make A Bucket List

Bucket List
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Making a list of things you want to do or try out can be fun. And then on your next day off, you can pick something from your list to do.

Write Thank You Messages

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Write Thank You Messages
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You can use your day off to express gratitude to others. Is there someone in your gratitude journal who would appreciate a message?

You can thank anyone for almost anything. Remember how good it feels to be acknowledged.

You could write a handwritten thank you note, send a text message, or write an email.

Or, if you are behind on baby shower or wedding thank-you notes, knock some out on your day off.

Binge Watch a Series

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Binge Watch
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On your day off, when you want to ignore the world, binge watch a series.

Watch as many episodes as you can. This activity could be done alone, with a friend, or with your family.

Have your series picked out before your day off to go all in and save time deciding what to watch. And also have snacks prepared, quick meal ideas, or order pizza.

While watching TV all day may not be productive, it may help you relax after a busy day. Or it could be a fun way to spend the day with others as you bond while watching the program together.

Read a Book

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Read a Book
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Enjoy a good book on your day off.

Clean Your House

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Clean Your House
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Cleaning the house on your day off means it will likely be clean for at least a few days into the work week.

Your home may feel more enjoyable to live in if you declutter.

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Learn Something New

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Learn Something New
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Plan ahead to attend a class for something you want to learn how to do. Or you may be able to find free tutorials online.

Ideas include new hobbies or skills you want to learn for your job.

I learned how to paint in my 40’s!

Get a Haircut

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Get a Haircut
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Your day off can be great for checking practical things off the list.

Schedule a haircut or styling appointment on your day off, or go to a walk-in place.

Spend Extra Time With Pets

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Extra Pet Time
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Take your dog for a relaxing long walk.

Spend extra time playing with your cat.

Or simply enjoy cuddling with them on the couch as you do nothing on your day off.

Enjoy Your Hobby

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Hobbies
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A day off when you have free time, is a good time to enjoy your favorite hobbies whatever they may be.

Play Video Games

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Play Video Games
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Sit back, relax, and play video games.

Choose a single-player game if you don’t want to interact with others.

Go On A Day Trip

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Day Trip
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You can choose a location you’ve never been to.

Then, alone or with others,  drive there and spend the day doing all the tourist-type things the location offers.

Or your day trip could be spending the day at a beach.

Look For a New Job

Things To Do On Your Day Off - Job Search
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When you don’t like your job, start looking for a new job on your day off.

The process can take awhile, so if your looking to make a change, best to get started soon.

Things You Can Do By Yourself

Things To Do On Your Day Off - By Yourself
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There are plenty more options for things you can do on your day off.

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When You’re Bored

Things To Do On Your Day Off - When You're Bored
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And there are plenty of ideas for what you can do alone or with friends when you’re feeling bored.

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Fall Activities

Fun Fall Activities
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There are many activities that are  unique to fall.

Pumpkin Spice Memes

Pumpkin Spice Meme - too much
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Pumpkin Spice is everywhere in the fall!

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