17 Things You Can on Sundays From Blissful To Boring

What should you do on Sundays?

Relax, get ready for the week, or have some fun?

The choice is yours.

Take a Nap

Things To Do On A Sunday - Take a Nap
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Taking a nap is one way to relax on a Sunday.

After lunch, you can doze off on the couch.

Read a Book

Things To Do On A Sunday - Read a Book
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Forgot about your problems for a few hours and escape into a good book.

Or, read a book that will you teach you a new skill or about a topic you find interesting.

A relaxing read may result in a nap.

Go for an Easy Walk

Things To Do On A Sunday - Go for an Easy Walk
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For your walk to feel relaxing, walk at a comfortable pace. Enjoy the fresh air.

You may want to walk in a scenic park with a friend. However, if you prefer solitude, make sure you’re walking location is safe.

Spend Time with Family

Things To Do On A Sunday - Spend Time with Family
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You could start a family tradition to spend time together on most Sundays.

For many years, my parents had family over for lunch after church every Sunday. This included their adult kids and grandkids.

Other ideas include:

  • Ask your kids what they want to do and then do it (within reason and budget, of course).
  • Visit with siblings, cousins, etc., in the afternoon or evenings.
  • Playing board games together

Sunday Brunch

Things To Do On A Sunday - Sunday Brunch
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Plan to sleep in on Sunday. Then, have a lovely brunch with your family.

Or, if you attend church, you can have brunch after the service.

There could be local restaurants that serve brunch on Sundays to give everyone a break from cooking and the cleanup that follows.

Binge-Watch a Series

Things To Do On A Sunday - Binge-Watch a Series
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You can find a series on Netflix or another streaming service.

Then watch as many episodes as you can. Or plan a movie marathon.

Be considerate of the choice if others in your home will be watching with you.

Play Video Games

Things To Do On A Sunday - Play Video Games
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There are many options for video games and ways to play. Therefore, there is likely a game you could enjoy for a few hours, even if it’s a simple game on your phone.

If video games aren’t your thing, you could play a board game or do a Sudoku puzzle.

You could also play games for real money.


Things To Do On A Sunday - Hobbies
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Learn a new hobby or enjoy your favorite. And some hobbies, such as crocheting, can be done while binge-watching.

Here are a few ideas. And keep in mind that there are YouTube tutorials to teach beginners nearly anything.

  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Baking

Go for a Scenic Drive

Things To Do On A Sunday - Go for a Scenic Drive
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In my area, in seasons other than winter, it’s fun to go for a drive. Sometimes we will try a new restaurant while out and about or visit a farmer’s market.

One of my favorite fall activities is a drive to see the beautiful trees as their leaves change color.

In the summer, we like to drive around nearby lakes

Meal Plan

Things To Do On A Sunday - Meal Plan
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Meal planning on a Sunday can mean less stress throughout the week.

Spend an hour or two getting the food plan for the week organized.

Do Laundry

Things To Do On A Sunday - Do Laundry
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Doing laundry is another task you may be happy to have done before your work week starts.

You’ll be happy when your closet is full of clean clothes.

You may be able to do something relaxing or fun in between loads.

Look for a New Job

Things To Do On A Sunday - Look For A New Job
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If you’re stressed out on Sunday evenings, dreading Monday morning, it may be time to look for a new job.

Commit to spending a couple of hours on Sunday looking for a job that suits your skills and interests better.

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Plan Your Next Vacation

Family Vacation Ideas - Family of four in front of a plan.
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You can discuss vacation ideas with your spouse or family on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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Write A Thank You Message

Thank You Message for Donation
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Take a few moments and send someone a thank-you message.

Or, get out your note cards and write a handwritten thank you card.

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Plan ahead for what you will do the next time you are bored at work.

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Attend a Church Service

A Pastor preaching in a church.
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Perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve been to church.

Or you could check out a church for the first time.

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