18 Fun Ways to Spend a Saturday

Here are some fun things to do on a Saturday, whether you have the day off or only a few hours before or after work.

Check for Local Events

Things To Do on a Saturday - Check for Local Events
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If you want to do something outside of your home on a Saturday, check for any local events that may be happening.

The local events may vary by season, such as art fairs, craft shows, festivals, the county fair, etc.

Your community may have a website that lists events, or you could Google “things to do near me.”

Go Somewhere New

Things To Do on a Saturday - Go Somewhere New
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Find a nearby place you have yet to visit and spend Saturday exploring what that area offers.

You could ask friends to go with you. Visit a park, go shopping, try out a restaurant,  or visit any tourist attractions unique to that location.

Go to the Roller Rink

Things To Do on a Saturday - Go Roller skating
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Roller staking can be fun on a Saturday. Head to the roller rink with friends or family.

Be sure to check their hours before heading out.

Visit with Friends

There women visiting over breakfast
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Invite friends over to hang out or meet for breakfast or lunch.

Enjoy some time catching up with each other.

Go for a Walk

Things To Do on a Saturday - Go for a Walk
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On Saturdays, you may have more time to enjoy a leisurely walk.

You could walk on trails at a park, through your city, or your favorite shopping area.

Watch a Movie

Things To Do on a Saturday - Watch a Movie
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Check the listings at your local theater to see if there are any new movies you want to see.

You could go to an IMAX theater and watch something on a big screen to make it feel more fun.

Enjoy a Hobby

Things To Do on a Saturday - Enjoy a Hobby
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You could choose to relax on Saturday by doing your favorite hobby.

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean you have to go out and do new things to have fun.

Spend a few hours indulging in the hobby of your choice, or try out a new hobby.

Write a Thank You Note

Things To Do on a Saturday - Write a Thank You Note
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There are many things to say thank you for. Has someone helped you recently and or given you a gift?

Or perhaps someone provides you with ongoing support.

Set aside time on Saturday to write a thank you note. You could send a few thank you text messages in minutes.

Start a Side Hustle

Things To Do on a Saturday - Start a Side Hustle
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Saturdays are the perfect day to explore side hustle ideas if you want to make a little extra cash.

Or, if you already have a side hustle, you could use your time to work on it.

My website started as a side hustle and eventually became my full-time gig.

Host Game Night

Things To Do on a Saturday - Host Game Night
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Invite your friends or family over for a game night.

Please take into consideration the types of games they would like to play. You could play board games, role-playing games, or video games.

As the host, you can provide snacks and drinks or ask each person to bring something to share.

Go Birding

Things To Do on a Saturday - Go Birding
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At dawn or dusk, when birds are most active, head out to your yard, a park, or trails and look for birds.

You could also use the Merlin Bird ID app to identify birds by their songs. The app can listen to birds and show you the bird’s name based on their chirps. So, even when you can’t see the bird, the app can tell you which birds you hear.


Things To Do on a Saturday - Volunteer
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Look for opportunities to volunteer with your favorite organizations that you support.

You’ll need to plan, as signing up may be required. And you want to choose a day that aligns with a Saturday that you are free.


Things To Do on a Saturday - Relax
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While there are plenty of things to do on a Saturday, it’s okay to take a Saturday to relax and recharge.

Do only things you find relaxing for the entire day to get rested for the coming week.

Take a nap, pray, meditate, zone out in front of the TV. Do whatever you feel is relaxing, which can be different for everyone.

Make a Delicious Meal

Things To Do on a Saturday - Make a Delicious Meal
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If you enjoy cooking, take time to make a tasty meal.

During the week, you may not have the time to make meals with many steps or are time-consuming.

Cook something for yourself or others when you have plenty of time to enjoy the process.

Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle
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Puzzles can be fun and relaxing if you enjoy putting them together.

You may need to plan where to put the puzzle if it’s too large to complete in one day.

Organize Things

Things To Do on a Saturday - Organize Things
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Organize a closet or sort through your clutter.

You’ll likely be happy that you did it once it’s done.

And this is excellent for people who enjoy organizing things. If that’s not you, your friend who likes to organize may be willing to come over and help you.

I have a friend who loves organizing, which is why this task made the list of things to do.

Go to the Library

Things To Do on a Saturday - Go to the Library
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Visit your library and check out a book.

Reading books on our phones or tablets is convenient.

However, you may enjoy browsing books and checking out a physical book to read.

Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

Things To Do on a Saturday - Watch a Sunrise or Sunset
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Plan ahead and be at a nearby location with a clear view of the horizon to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Enjoy the beauty of the sky! The sky colors can vary depending on the seasons and weather conditions.

Fall Activities

Fun Fall Activities
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Fall has arrived! You can do an activity that is unique to fall.

Words Can Be Hard for Some

Mispronounced Words
Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

There are words that I struggle to say correctly. How about you?

Generation X Kid Things

Floppy Disks on Keyboard
Photo Credit: Shaiith/Shutterstock.

There are things I did as a kid in the 1980s that kids these days don’t do anymore.

Saturday Memes

Saturday Meme - Saturday is a day off
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Saturday is Caturday

Tortoise cat
Photo Credit: Vronivis/Shutterstock.

For cat lovers, Saturday is also called Caturday.

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