The opportunities of life (Thank You Thursday series)

The opportunities of life (Thank You Thursday series)

In my Five Minute Journal, I’ve recorded more than once that I am thankful for opportunities. This sometimes happened when the previous day I didn’t get done as much as I wanted. Or I choose to watch TV for hours instead of writing or something else productive.

Life has a lot to offer. We may be looking for the opportunities and sometimes even when we are not they come our way.

ThankYouThursday Opportunities

Each day offers the opportunity to start fresh.

If we blow a goal, we can renew our commitment the next day. We can give ourselves some grace, let it go, and embrace the new day. Just because we didn’t hit the mark the previous day doesn’t mean we can’t be on track today!

Do you want to learn something new? Each day is an opportunity to take action towards making it happen.

We can decide to make different choices which will lead to new opportunities. I realize this is easier said than done! There could be mindset issues to deal with first!

Surprise Opportunities

Sometimes life may surprise us. Life may seem predictable at times, be we can’t predict what is going to happen. Surprise opportunities make life interesting!

We could get a call or email from someone encouraging us to apply for a position at their company. This opportunity could lead to your best job yet!

An old friend invites you to lunch.

Someone asks for your help and you are able to help them which strengthens your relationship.

The stray cat shows up with 5 kittens giving you the opportunity to help them, socialize them, and find them homes.

The list could go on and on! What would you add to it?

Somewhat predictable opportunities

See a beautiful sunrise and/or sunset.

Thank someone (more on that below).

Spend time with friends or family.

Make a hot breakfast.

Read a book.

Enjoy your favorite activity.

Share your ideas with someone.

Opportunities to thank someone happen each day

We do not need to wait until Thank You Thursday to thank someone. We can thank people every day as the event occurs. Maybe someone helped you at work. Or your husband surprised you and did all of the dishes (mine did this week! yes, I am bragging!).

When you are around others and paying attention there will likely be an opportunity to thank someone. (The days at home in comfy clothes with no contact with anyone do not count.)

Keep your eyes open for the opportunity to say thank you. It may make someone’s day. Send them a tweet, a message on Facebook, an email, or a handwritten thank you note.

What recent opportunity are you most thankful for today?

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