Thankful for Tradition – Sunday Lunch at Mom’s

One of my favorite traditions is having Sunday lunch at my mom’s. My dad is there too! They have been married for 50¬†years! Maybe since mom usually does the cooking, we call it lunch at mom’s.

The Tradition:

Most Sundays after church we go to my mom’s (and dad’s!) for lunch. I estimate that at least 95% of my Sunday lunches after been prepared by my mom and I’ve been moved out for 12 years.

It’s only 95% because some Sundays my dad does the cooking. And for many years my mom worked third shift. On the Sundays where she needed to sleep after working all night, my dad sometimes took us to McDonald’s or another restaurant for lunch. This gave mom more time to rest.

And I had to take a few percentages off as when I was college I sometimes missed Sunday lunch as I had to work at Kmart (my mom packed most of my lunches!). And sometimes my parents go on vacation.

Who goes to lunch?

The regular faces at the table has changed over time. In the beginning, it was mom, dad, my 2 older sisters, my twin brother, and me (I’m the baby by 34 minutes!).

Fast forward MANY years. The regular attenders now are the family living in the same city as my parents. Currently, that is my husband, me, one sister, her husband, and 3 of their 4 children. My other siblings, nephews, and nieces, come when they are town.

Occasionally, a family from church will join us too. Many Sunday’s at church someone will ask me “What is your mom making for lunch?”

Sunday lunch at Mom's
Sunday lunch at Mom’s

What do we eat:

My mom is VERY organized and is amazing. The food is timed to be ready or nearly ready when we come in from church. She usually starts on Saturday.

Most meals consist of a meat dish (pot roast, chicken, pork, etc.), potatoes (mashed, roasted, several casseroles), one or two vegetables, a plate of tomatoes (during tomato season!), one other side dish, and a homemade dessert.

When possible fresh ingredients are used from my Dad’s garden. Dad also fishes and hunts wild game so we have a treat from his adventures sometimes.

Why I’m thankful for this tradition:

Having lunch together helps us stay connected. Sometimes it is the only time we see each other all week.

The food is awesome. Eating is one of my favorite things to do in life. And it’s even better when the meal is enjoyed with others.

[color-box]Tradition is comforting. I look forward to Sunday lunch at mom’s all week![/color-box]

We have a good time together. We laugh. We tell stories.

I like hearing what’s going in the lives of my family members. I like having face to face conversations too.

Making food for others shows love and care. My mom loves us a lot!!!!

Do I write mom a thank-you note each week?

No. I think that would be too often and would lose its meaning and impact. I will occasionally include a comment about lunch when writing a thank-you note to my parents for something else. I do say thank you every week before leaving!

What traditions do you have with your family that you are thankful for?

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  1. That 31 days went quick. For me lol. This is so wonderfull. I am very thankful for our family. And our parents. We are very fortunate for the parents we have. I also enjoy Sunday dinner.

  2. Wow Heidi, you gave me a lot to think about [or have a flash back about things]. Thank you for the lovely compliments.
    I have been fixing Sunday dinner ever since we have been married and like you said whoever can come after church…comes. Being a wife and mom, what else do you do but fix Sunday dinner. It amazes me how many people at church have no idea what they will have for Sunday dinner when they get home. People even ask dad about what we are having dinner. You have done an excellent job with the thankfulness blogs the past 31 days.
    You are developing a real talent with your writing.

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