Dear Google, Thank You for YouTube

Recently, I have felt grateful for YouTube and wanted to express my gratitude to Google, which owns YouTube.

However, how do you write a thank you note to a large corporation? Several questions come to mind:

  • Should I mail a handwritten note to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?
  • What about when a larger corporation owns the business?
  • If you send a handwritten email to a corporate address, does it ever reach the CEO?
  • What about all the employees that make YouTube possible?

So, I will write a message below and tag the CEOs and brands on X (formerly Twitter), and they can share it with the employees.

I will follow my own thank-you note-writing advice by making the message as specific as possible. The first and last sentences are generic and could be written by anyone. The rest of the note details my reasons for liking YouTube and feeling grateful for the platform.

The Thank You Message

Dear Google,

Thank you for the YouTube platform. I’ve enjoyed many videos and appreciate that anyone with an Internet connection can watch them at no cost to the viewer.

The ability to get free help is fantastic. YouTube makes it easy for people to find help and give up.

I watched a video to troubleshoot issues when the gas did not ignite on my gas burner. The random person I had never met saved me the cost of having a repair. The solution was safe, and I could complete the step in minutes.

Also, I have been able to help people fold up a pet playpen with easy step-by-step instructions. As a cat lover, I’ve learned more about cats from several cat channels.

And then there is the entertainment value. And I’ve discovered topics I may not have otherwise, such as stealth camping and living in a van (by choice).

Thank you to all the employees for their hard work that makes YouTube possible.


Heidi Bender, YouTube User

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