12 Fun Team Outing Ideas That Your Coworkers Will Love

Let’s admit it: sometimes, team outings feel like forced fun you’d rather not do.

Team outings can be used to help teams bond outside of the office or as a way to reward team success.

Some of these suggestions are based on team outings I did while working on teams for over twenty years.

Consider each teammate’s fitness level when deciding on a team outing idea. Also, these ideas are for smaller teams rather than company-wide events.

Team Dinner or Lunch

Team Outing Ideas - Team Dinner or Lunch
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Have a nice meal out on the company’s tab.

You would likely be eating anyway, so this is an easy team event as long as the team can decide on the restaurant.

If you feel too busy to go out, you can suggest having pizza or subs delivered to share with the team in a conference room. You’ll still be able to eat together but will not spend the extra time it takes for a large group to go to a restaurant.

And remember to thank your boss following the team lunch.

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Mini Golf

Team Outing Ideas - Mini Golf
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Mini golf can be a fun choice that offers a healthy dose of friendly competition with the team.

You can find an indoor facility if your outing is in the colder months.

Go to an Arcade

Team Outing Ideas - Arcade
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One of my old teams spent the afternoon at Dave & Busters.

We enjoyed playing arcade games with each other.

This outing idea has less opportunity for team bonding as people are not likely all playing in the same games. And people will likely hang around those on the team they are closer with already.

However, it could also be a fun activity to do after

Escape Room

Team Outing Ideas - Escape Room
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Escape rooms can make for a fun team outing.

You and your coworkers will work together to solve puzzles to escape the room within a time limit.

For larger teams, you may need to split into groups and tackle different escape rooms, depending on the capacity of each room.

When this happens, which it did for my team, each group can compete to see which group can escape first, adding a little extra fun to the outing. The downside is you’ll only be with a portion of your team during the outing.


Team Outing Ideas - Bowling
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Bowling can be a fun outing. Split into teams for a bit of competition!

If some do not want to bowl, they can hang around nearby and visit while the others are bowling.

Some bowling alleys have food available for drinks and snacks.

Botanical Gardens

Team Outing Ideas - Botanical Gardens
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Your team can visit nearby botanical gardens.

You could have lunch at a picnic shelter and walk around the gardens together.

Watch a Movie

Team Outing Ideas - Watch a Movie
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Go to the theater and watch a movie together. To make it feel special, go to your nearest IMAX to watch something on a giant screen.

Then, everyone can discuss if your team goes to dinner or lunch before or after the movie.

Cookout or Potluck

Team Outing Ideas - Cookout or Potluck
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Food is a great way to bring people together. Have a cookout where the company provides all the food, or do it potluck style where each person brings a dish to pass.

Someone who lives near the workplace may be willing to host in their backyard. Or you may be able to reserve space at a picnic shelter at a nearby park.

Yard games, like cornhole or ladder toss, could be set up for entertainment.


Team Outing Ideas - Skydiving
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Adventurous teams may want to go skydiving.

I don’t want to go skydiving. At my previous company, one of the other teams chose to go skydiving for their team outing. And one person liked it so much that it became a hobby for him.

Sporting Event

Team Outing Ideas - Sporting Event
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Your team can go to a sporting event like baseball or hockey. Make sure to get tickets so that everyone can sit together.

Also, if the event requires a drive, charter a bus to take everyone together or carpool, depending on the number of people going.

And remember that going to a minor league game can be as fun as a major league game and will likely cost less.

Volunteer Together

Team Outing Ideas - Volunteer Together
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I had a job once that gave everyone a paid day off to volunteer with their team.

We went to a food bank and sorted through donated food for dented cans. We also checked expiration dates for goods well beyond what was considered safe for consumption.

Check with organizations in your area to find out what opportunities are available.

Whirly Ball

Team Outing Ideas - Whirly Ball
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Whirly Ball is on the list, as I had a team that once played Whirly Ball as part of a team outing.

I will attempt to describe Whirly Ball for those who have never played it. Imagine riding in a bumper car while holding a lacrosse stick. Players split into two teams, passing a whiffle ball with the lacrosse stick and scoring points by getting the ball through a basketball hoop.

The game is played indoors, so it could be an option for a team outing during the winter.

Remember to be Considerate

Team Outing Ideas - Remember to be Considerate
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When looking for team outing ideas, remember to be considerate of everyone.

Can everyone physically participate in the suggested outing?

Also, some people on the team may not enjoy lengthy forced socialization.

Choosing Team Outing Ideas

Team Outing Ideas - Choosing
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There are many possibilities for team outings.

You may want to do more than one outing if you have time and desire.

For example, you can have a team lunch before or after another activity.

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