12 Surprising Things I Saw While Walking In My Neighborhood

I enjoy walking in my neighborhood.

Here are some of the surprising things that I have seen.

Metal Dog Art

Metal Dog Art
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

As far as yard art goes, this metal bulldog is one of the most surprising and interesting pieces I have seen.

Full Cans of Beer on Sidewalk

Full Beer Cans on Sidewalk
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

Living in Michigan, it’s unusual to see discarded beer or pop cans as we pay a 10 cent deposit on each can and bottle. However, living near a college, I see a few cans when the students are around.

On this day, I was surprised to find several full beer cans. It’s like they had been tossed out the window while driving, scattered in this person’s yard and the street. It was my first time to come across cans with beer still in them.

Skeleton Family

Skeleton Family
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

A nearby family dresses up a family of skeletons. They entertain the community throughout the year with different themes.

Request for Information

Request for Information
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

Usually, signs on poles in my neighborhood are for missing or found cats. I was shocked to see a sign for someone recently deceased.

Random Broom

Random Broom
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

The broom is in good shape, so it didn’t seem like it was supposed to be in someone’s trash pile.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Roasting Sticks
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

I spotted these roasting sticks, with small branches attached in someone’s front yard.

Yellow Comb

Yellow Comb in Drain
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

This comb almost went down the drain. Maybe an animal was chewing on it, as it looks like it’s seen better days.

Raccoon Running Up a Tree

Racoon Going into a Tree
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

When walking, I was stunned to see a raccoon before dusk. I was even more surprised when it disappeared into a hole in this tree.

Now, I’m nervous every time I walk under this tree. Although, I think it’s unlikely that the raccoon would attack me unprovoked.

Large Feather

Large Feather
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

I don’t know what bird this feather is from. It was surprising to see a large feather as we mostly only see smaller songbirds.

Infusion Whip

Infusion Whip
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

Seeing a bit of litter is not uncommon. Usually, it’s water bottles or fast food trash.

So, I was surprised to see Infusion Whip on the sidewalk.

Real Estate Sign

For Sale Sign on Ground
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

A For Sale sign lying on the ground wasn’t unusual. It was only surprising because of how many days it took before someone righted it.

The issue was likely that the Realtor and sellers live out of town.

A New Cat

Orange Cat Behind Pink Flowers
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

Outdoor cats are common in my neighborhood. Fortunately, most of them have been fixed.

I was surprised to see this cat as it was my first time seeing one in this particular location.

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