3 Things To Stop Doing Now If You Care About Pets and Wildlife

There are things people do that are scaring, harming, or killing pets or other animals.

Usually, people are not aware of the unintended consequences for animals.

With a little awareness, people may change their activities for the sake of animals.


Dog Scared By Fireworks
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Fireworks are loud and bright. Many indoor pets, including cats and dogs, are terrified by the noise of loud fireworks. Pet owners of the affected animals dread the 4th of July and other holidays where fireworks are part of the celebration.

The Humane Society reports that birds can become scared by the bright lights and noise causing them to abandon their nests. Birds can fly away so far out over bodies of water that they cannot return. So they die.

Steps can be taken to muffle the sounds for indoor pets. You can turn up the TV, close the windows, run the air conditioner, and check with your vet for severe cases where your dog or cat may benefit from medication or other professional recommendations.

However, there is little that can be done to help wildlife. So, you may want what to skip the fireworks for the sake of the animals. You can find other fun, safe ways to celebrate!

Using Poison to Kill Pests

Poison Box
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The poison used to kill rats and other pests can kill more than your intended target. The poison may attract cats, dogs, and other animals, who end up dead or very sick.

Also, the poisoned animal, after it dies, can be consumed by another animal. Then that animal can also get sick and die.

So, you could be accidentally killing birds and other wildlife.

Please check for alternative ways to deter or remove unwanted pests.

Releasing Balloons Into the Sky

Colorful Balloons In Sky
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One of my childhood memories during the 1980s was attaching letters to helium-filled balloons as a fun church project. Each kid wrote a short letter and provided their address. Then the balloons were released into the sky with the hopes of some random kid finding the letter and sending a note in return.

No one talked about what happened to the balloons that were not found. It turns out that those balloons can cause all sorts of problems for wildlife.

Balloons Are Dangerous Litter

Deflated Balloon on Beach
Photo Credit: Ilze Ozola/Shutterstock.

Animals can mistake deflated balloons for food, which can kill them. And also, animals can get tangled up in the strings attached to the balloons, leading to their death.

While researching the devastating impact balloons can have on animals, I also learned that helium is a finite resource. So, perhaps, helium should be banned from use in balloons that do more harm than the few minutes of the fun of watching them float into the sky.

Find Another Way To Celebrate

Family Celebration
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Balloons are sometimes released in memory of a loved one that has died. Perhaps, you can find a way to honor and remember them that doesn’t kill animals.

Also, sometimes deflated balloons are left on the ground following an outdoor birthday party or other celebration. The used balloons should be collected and put into the trash. Leaving broken balloon pieces lying about puts birds and any animal that consume them at risk of death.

And balloons can be dangerous for humans, especially children, who may choke on them.

Help Spread Awareness

Man Explaining
Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

Many people may not be aware of the dangers posed to pets and wildlife due to fireworks, poisons, and balloons.

You can help the animals and wildlife by sharing the risks of these activities with others. You may also want to suggest animal-safe alternatives.

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