Reasons to Write Thank You Notes – 31 Dayers Round Up

When I decided to join the write 31 days I soon discovered the friendly and supportive 31 dayers community in the 31 dayers Facebook group. I asked the group to share their reasons for writing thank you notes.

I am very happy to share these 14 responses with you! I encourage you to follow the links and check out their websites too!

Reasons to write thank you notes from the Write 31 Days Community:

“Because its a good reason to use cute cards!” – Melissa from The World According to Plaidfuzz

“If someone mails me a gift, so that I can’t tell them thanks face-to-face, I send a note. (Especially if that person is in a different country, so that calling to say thank you would be insanely expensive.) I also send thank you notes when someone has done me a kindness, like someone in customer service who goes out of their way. Last year, I sent a thank you note to the vet at the emergency clinic who put in extra hours to save my cat’s life.” – Lucien from Experimental Socks

“For a special lunch/dinner/etc. with friends, especially if they host at their house, to appreciate generosity (and hopefully cheer up their day with a little happy mail).- Melissa from Measi’s Musings

“I love writing AND receiving thank you notes! There’s such power in the written word, speaking gratitude and words of life into another person’s life. It shows intentionality in building relationships and can make such a difference. Plus getting an envelope in the mail that’s *not* a bill or junk mail just makes my day!” – Asheritah from One Thing Alone

Susan from Fruitful Words shared an excellent post with SIX Benefits Adults Receive by Writing Thank You Notes

Thank You!

“Everything is digital in our world. I have found hand written thank you notes on quality stationary have an enormous impact. They are so unexpected that they make a very strong impression. Especially if you remember a specific quality about the gift or conversation. In business, they are a differentiator” – Laura from Balentyne Interiors

Larissa from The House of Traquair shared this post where she touches a little on gratitude and includes a little project to help people cultivate this attitude of gratitude.

“1) Use it or lose it (your penmanship…seriously) 2) I am getting ready to send thank you notes to people who serve on a team that I lead. The work is fun and important & it’s rewarding, but it’s HARD (physically, mentally & spiritually) and it requires sacrifice. I tell them verbally often, but it’s time to reinforce it with something visible & tangible!” – Lisa from Life is Crazy Beautiful.

Susan S. shared “I have always written thank you notes and plan to continue to do so. The written word is so rare these days and I believe everyone still gets a thrill when in the mailbox there is a hand-written envelope with a “real” note! I love to receive them and I love to send them!

Glenda, who blogs at Fondly, Glenda shared her Day 7 post about thank you notes.

Shaunta of Going Reno shared this story: “I’m a writer and at a conference this summer an author talked about how he connects with people. He said that he writes handwritten thank you notes every week to anyone who does anything he’s grateful for. He especially makes sure to thank people with a handwritten note who don’t often get thanked. He does it so often that he’s known for it now. If a blogger writes something about one of his books, he writes a thank you note. If a waitress is particularly pleasant or helpful, thank you note. You get the idea. He uses personalized stationary to write them. I want to do this, but I forget, which is awful. I think there are worse things to be known for than sending out nice notes on beautiful stationary!”

Tara U. commented with: ” I love sending Thank You notes to people when they have done something kind for me etc but don’t expect anything in return. The world is so media based etc that I absolutely LOVE when I get real mail (not bills, etc!).

They are great. That way they have something physical to touch and see. Something to hang up. It also reminds you to be genuine and think about the relationship.”  – Anung from Star Gazers: Dream and Create.

Becky of Purposeful Homemaking shared her article on The Importance of Teaching Your Child to Say Thanks.

Thank you to all the participated!!!

Feel free to add more reasons for writing thank you notes in the comments!

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Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.

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  1. Love thank you notes. I really want to be more intentional about sending more snail mail! Getting a hand written letter (especially thank you notes) always brighten my day! :)

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