The predicament of the mini crock-pot

The predicament of the mini crock-pot

Heidi with the mini-crock pot

Heidi with the mini-crock pot

When I got married, I intended to send a thank you note for every gift we received. As we opened each gift we wrote down the name of each gift giver and the gift. We listed that my aunt and uncle gave us a coat stand (which my uncle made) and a mini crockpot.

We sent a thank you note to them for the coat stand and the mini crockpot. They quickly notified my mom that they did not give us the mini crockpot. What a predicament!

This was an awful feeling. Someone did not receive a thank you note. I thought we had been organized enough and careful when making the gift list. We used both sides of an envelope.  This was probably an envelope from a wedding card as that would have been very convenient.

I was too embarrassed to ask anyone who attended the wedding if they have given us the mini crock-pot. We could have cross referenced the invite list to see who did not bring a gift. But giving a gift was not required! I would have felt even worse and more awkward if I had asked someone only to have them say they didn’t give a gift. It’s been over 10 years and we still do not know who gave us the mini-crock pot.

I hope they are not holding a grudge for not receiving a thank you note!

I encourage you to be better organized than we were when opening our wedding gifts! An option is to use lined notebook paper (don’t use the back of an envelope!). You can use Excel or another tool to make a document to track the gifts or download and print this free PDF.

Also, when writing my wedding thank you notes, I sent two thank you notes to the same person! Read about that here.

If you are married, did you receive any gifts where the giver is still unknown?

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