Finding Love: The Most Popular Dating Apps For Boomers and Gen Z

Online dating apps and websites are a popular way to find dates. 

According to Pew Research, 54% of adults under 30 have used a dating app or website. For those older than 65, only 13% use the apps. 

If you want to meet people from your generation, you may want to use the apps used most often by your age group. However, using the apps has drawbacks for some users. 

The Success Rate of Dating Apps

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One in ten married people or with a significant other say they met using a dating app or website.

For those under 30, the ratio jumps to one in five.

Tinder For Gen Z

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The most used dating app overall is Tinder at 46%. 

Tinder is the clear choice for those aged 18-29, with 79% using it. For this age bracket, Bumble comes in second, with 51% saying they have used it.

Match and eHarmony for Boomers

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Those older than 50 who use dating apps prefer Match and eHarmony. They are five times more likely to use Match than Tinder. 

Of those aged 50-66, 54% have used Match and 28% for eHarmony. Those that are 65+ report 44% usage for Match and 34% for eHarmony. 

Gen X and Millennials

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The age groups in the research data line up differently from the ages used to classify generations. 

For ages 30-49, which includes older Millennials and Younger Gen Xers, Tinder is the most used dating app.

App Users Beware 

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Not all online dating app and website users have a positive experience. Women reported more negative experiences than men, 51% vs. 42%.

Too Many Messages

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The amount of messages received in the data apps can feel overwhelming for some users.

More than half of women users, 54%, experience feeling overwhelmed by the number of messages compared to 25% of men.

Feelings of Insecurity

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Another issue with using the data apps is feelings of insecurity that users who do not get many messages experience.

64% of men have felt insecure compared to 40% of women.

Predicting a Love Match

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Most adults who participated in the survey are skeptical that data algorithms can predict a love match.

Only 21% said the algorithms could predict which matches would eventually fall in love. The remaining adults think an algorithm could not do it (35%), and the remaining are unsure (43%). 

Watch Out for Scams

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While the research doesn’t mention the types of scams, 52% of dating app users think they have encountered a scammer. 

The statistics reported are from Pew Research.

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