9 Unique Ways To Find Ideas To Make the Best Bucket List for You

Just about any goal, fun activity, or travel destination can be put onto a bucket list.

How do you decide what to put on your list of things to do during your lifetime? What sounds fun to another will not be of any interest to someone else.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about what you want to do to make your best bucket list.

Thinking Back

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Thinking Back
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What did you dream about doing as a kid but have yet to do?

Or, if you are older now, what did you want to do in your twenties? Perhaps

you didn’t have the money back then.

Traveling Ideas

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Traveling
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What landmarks or famous locations do you want to see?

What kind of travel interests you?

For example, would you like to visit every major league baseball park in the United States or every National Park?


Bucket List Creation Ideas - Brainstorming
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For ten minutes, brainstorm bucket list ideas. The amount of time is arbitrary, but a short time may help you stay focused and not get distracted.

You can use a pen and paper, a notes app, or a document on your computer.

Write your list as fast as you can. It’s okay if some items aren’t on your final list. The goal is to come up with a list of ideas.

Once you have your ideas, you can sort them and decide which ones you want to do.

Hobby Goals

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Hobbies
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What type of ideas would work well for your hobbies?

Would you like to go hiking in specific locations? Or maybe you want to complete a 10,000-piece puzzle.

Do you want to start a new hobby? Put it on the list.

Seasonal Ideas

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Seasonal Ideas
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All the ideas do not need to be grand life accomplishments.

Each season, list fun things you can do only in that season. And then do some of them.

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Looking at Lists

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Look at Lists
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If you are stumped for ideas, browsing lists can help you think of unique ideas you may have yet to consider.

There are also bucket list books to spark your imagination.

Simple and Easy Things Are Okay

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Simple and Easy Things
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Your list can have anything you want on it. After all, it’s your list.

You can include things around the home you’ve never done before.

For example, making your favorite restaurant meal from scratch.

Make Short Lists

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Short Lists
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Thinking about everything you want to do for the rest of your life might feel overwhelming.

You can make a monthly or annual buck list.

For example, Gretchen Rubin made a 23 for 2023 list and recommended the same to her audience.

Keep Adding to Your List

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Keep Adding to Your List
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When you think of something new you’d like to do, add it to your list.

Ideas can come from many places, for example, blog posts you randomly see about things to do in your state.

Remember to Have Fun

Bucket List Creation Ideas - Have Fun
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Once you have your list made, have fun checking things off the list!

You may want to share your list with a friend or family member.

Keeping a record of what you do can help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

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