5 reasons why your thank you note could make someone's day

5 reasons why your thank you note could make someone’s day

Here are five reasons that a thank-you note could make someone’s day. I prefer handwritten notes, but there are other ways to send a quick note.

1. Handwritten notes are not as common as they were 50 or even 5 years ago. They take more effort than an email. The recipient may be surprised and good surprises usually make someone’s day! Handwritten notes may also be put on display on a refrigerator at home or a cube wall at the office.

2. If you send it to them in the mail, it’s much better than a bill or ad or another item that usually goes straight to the recycle. Don’t know their address? Check out these 8 tips for finding addresses.

3. They will likely feel appreciated. And who doesn’t want to be appreciated???

4. Your co-worker will know that you are pleased with the help they gave you. It may make their day, and also lead to them helping you out more often. Notes to co-workers can be emailed or handwritten notes left on their desk.

5. It’s possible the person has never received a thank-you note before! Yours may be their first.

Most thank you notes can be written in about 5 minutes or less.  If you need help getting started, you can follow the how-to steps here.

Most people are more likely to write a thank-you note if they already have thank-you notes on hand. For instance, you could keep some at work and some at home. Most retail stores sell thank you note cards. Amazon sells them too, but they sell so many from so many vendors that I can’t vouch for the quality of what you will receive.

If the person does many things for you, consider thanking them for everything that they do for you. You can see examples here.

[color-box color=”blue”]What if the person who receives your note is then inspired to write one to someone else? It could turn into a chain reaction with a whole lot of people having their day made![/color-box]

Are you willing to spend 5 minutes to make someone’s day? Do you accept the challenge?

Meaning to send a thank-you note but then not doing it...
If you make a mistake in a thank you note should you start over?

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