I am thankful for spring flowers Acrostic

I am thankful for spring flowers Acrostic

I am thankful for spring flowers for many reasons. I decided to share my reasons for being thankful for spring flowers in an acrostic.

ThankYouThursday Spring Flowers

Shed our winter coats for spring jackets. Winter is okay, but I’m always glad when spring comes and the temperatures begin to warm up.

Pretty flowers are amazing to look at. Holland, MI has millions of tulips each spring and holds an annual tulip festival. I will be attending the festival for the first time this year!

Reminds me to use my flower stickers on thank-you note envelopes.

Invite us to walk through our neighborhood to spot more flowers.

Nature is beautiful and that includes flowers! I don’t want to imagine life without flowers.

Gratitude for living in a region where each season has something different to offer.

Flowers represent the great variety of colors found in nature.

Love. Flowers are often given as a token of love. We no longer have real flowers in my home due to having cats. Cats are allergic to some varieties and my cats also like to knock over vases! My dad still gives flowers to my mom on many occasions.

Orange blossoms. I learned after seeing a recipe that called for orange blossom water that orange blossoms can be used to make orange blossom water.

Wanderlust – what I feel sometimes after my sister sends me pictures of her travels. This is a good thing. It reminds me that the earth offers much to see! And I am grateful to receive photos from my sister.

Yellow Flowers with Mountain

My sister took this picture somewhere awesome!

Employment. Flowers provide a profession for thousands of people! Flower arranging is an art that we should appreciate! It’s one of those things that is not as easy as it looks.

Roses which remind me of my maternal grandma who loved roses.

Spring flowers represent a new beginning. We have many opportunities. We can decide do something different or try something new in this season!

Photo Note: The yellow and purples in the top photo (with Thank You Thursday on it), are from my yard. No stock photos today!

How do you feel about spring flowers? What do the represent to you?

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