How a Visioning Exercise Led to Hot Breakfast Everyday

For this week’s Thank You Thursday post I will share the story of how I came to have a hot breakfast every day because of a visioning exercise. I am thankful that I completed the exercise as it’s led to some great breakfasts! And it’s been life-changing. It’s not all about the food!

The Visioning exercise

For the last 3 months, I’ve been participating in Jaime Master’s group coaching program (1 person coaching many people at the same time). One of the exercises Jaime had us do was to think about what our perfect day would be. We were encouraged to write as much detail as possible.

One thing I wrote down was to have a hot breakfast. Hot breakfast every day sounded great!

Throughout the program, we are encouraged to look at our vision at least once a week (or maybe daily). At some point I realized while I’m not able to do every part of my perfect day yet, eating hot breakfast was something I could start doing now. This means getting up a bit earlier but it is worth it.

For the past 2 months, we’ve enjoyed a hot breakfast nearly every day. Sometimes on Saturday mornings, we go out for a hot breakfast that someone else made at a restaurant. And sometimes it’s leftover breakfast warmed up.

Hot Breakfast Everyday Benefits

There have been several benefits to Hot Breakfast every day:

♦ I feel more confident. I made a choice to do something and stuck with it. I could have said, well, that’s a nice someday goal, but I don’t have time for that. I made it a priority because it is something I wanted to do.

♦ The decision to have Hot Breakfast every day was life-changing. It’s changed my morning routine (I’d call that a life change!)

♦  My breakfast is healthy and nutritious making it enjoyable to make and to eat.

♦  It has forced me to work on my meal planning skills as I need to decide the night before what breakfast will to have a smooth morning.

♦  I’ve become more flexible. Twice (so far) I’ve planned to make pumpkin pancakes only to discover we did not have any pumpkin! I had to improvise to make an alternate breakfast.

♦  I no longer have any desire to eat in the car on the way to work. For many years I was in the habit of eating in the car on the way to work. For the last two or three years, I have not done it as much. This week, I needed to be at work for a meeting and was nervous about being late. So I decided to leave early and eat warmed up egg casserole to have while driving. Well, it was a hassle and I wondered why I ever did this. I enjoy my meal much better eating at home sitting in chair focusing on what I’m eating.

♦  I now feel even more grateful for every hot meal my parents every made for me! Cooking takes time and effort. Thanks Mom!!!

Meatball ChakChouka from Mediterranean Paleo Cooking
Meatball Chakchouka from Mediterranean Paleo Cooking

Hot Breakfast Everyday – what are we eating

Since doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox last November we have stuck with a mostly real food/Paleo diet. One of our favorite recipes in the pumpkin pancakes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally.

Egg scrambles (because I haven’t mastered an omelet) are in the rotation as well. This is scrambled eggs with random vegetables. Sometimes we have the Swirly Crustless Quiche from Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle (the egg casserole in the picture at top of this post).

Nearly ever recipe we’ve had since last November has been from one of these 6 cookbooks:

I am thankful to these authors for providing these recipes. Practical Paleo also has great information on the Paleo (read real food) diet and along with meal plans for specific health conditions. These links are affiliate links. If you purchase a book I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thanks!

What’s your Hot Breakfast?

I am very grateful to Jaime for having this visioning exercise in her group coaching program. It’s had a profound impact on my life. Hot breakfast every day is awesome, not only for the joy of eating it but for what the decision represented in my life.

I encourage you to write what your perfect or ideal day would be. What would your day look like in detail? Start with getting up and end with what you do just before getting into bed for the night.

Which part of your ideal day can you start doing now?

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