Homemade Cards from Barbara

I met Barbara through the 31 day writing challenge. She writes on her blog at http://scrapper123.blogspot.com/. She shares about her life and dealing with her husband’s dementia.

Barbara also makes homemade cards! After connecting in the 31 dayers Facebook group, she offered to send me cards. How thoughtful! The “see the world” and “You’re Amazing” card in the photo were made by Barbara. She received the other two at a card swap.

Homemade cards

These are not specifically thank you cards as you can see. The “You’re Amazing” card could be used for a thank you- note card as it is blank on the inside. I am planning to use it when I write the thank -you note to Barbara for sending me the cards!

Homemade cards can be made to the specific interest of the person you are going to send it to. That is of course if you know them well enough to know what those interests are.

I have never made a card. Maybe I will learn how to make them. My mom likes to make them with photos and could teach me how.

Giving Thanks

I am thankful that Barbara shared her cards with me. Making a homemade card takes time. Writing a thank you note takes longer if you make your own card.

If you are interested in homemade cards and are not interested in making your own, check out those being sold on Esty.

Do you like to make and send homemade cards? 

About The Author
Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.

5 thoughts on “Homemade Cards from Barbara”

  1. Thank you for sharing my hand made cards in your post today!!! I am honored that you did this!! I enjoy making cards; but my main hobby is scrapbooking…I usually make enough cards so that I can send them to family and friends for special occasions – but have an over-abundant supply right now (I was making more and “collecting” them to sell for donations for an event I attended earlier this year; now that event is over and I have plenty to share! That being said, I will send a couple out to any of your readers if they want to send me an e-mail with their address…

  2. I really like Barbara’s hand made cards. Being a scrapbookerer my self I appreciate the time it takes to make cards. Sometimes I turn a photo into a card. I did that just today. Saturday we had supper at my sister Eloise’s home. She had a very nice pilgram center piece on the table. I always have a camera ready so I took a picture of it. I printed out the picture and put on the front of thank you note. She will be surprised.

    • Hi “Mom”! I’m guessing you are Heidi’s mom!! Appreciate your comment on my cards! I love that you instilled into Heidi the thoughtfulness of writing thank you notes! Love that we connected! I was going back to this blog in order to save the note Heidi wrote to me after receiving the cards (I have a large container I have had since 1971 when I received it as a Christmas gift where I worked; it is FULL of thank you notes, graduation and wedding invitations; and a whole lot of miscellaneous notes, etc. I am starting a new box for things I have received since starting my blog!

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