12 Gross Jobs That Are Too Disgusting For Some People To Do

Some jobs gross me out. They are important jobs, so thankfully, there are people willing to do them.

And what’s gross to one person doesn’t bother another. Here’s a list of jobs that some considered gross.

Dental Hygienist or Dentist

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Having a healthy mouth is essential for good health.  According to the Mayo Clinic, poor oral health may contribute to various conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.

Looking in mouths can be gross, especially for those who have neglected their dental care. Their teeth may look awful, or their gums may bleed during an examination.

Also, seeing snot or boogers in people’s noses would be a struggle for me, perhaps worse than their mouths.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

Portable Toilet Cleaner
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The smell when using a portable toilet is bad enough. Having to be the one to clean it out sounds terrible.

The stink could be overwhelming! There is probably an easy process for cleaning them out, but I want to avoid seeing it. I will not be checking for a YouTube video.


Plumbing Problem
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Some aspects of plumbing are fine, like installing new pipes in a new home.

The gross part of the job is cleaning out drains or dealing with sewage backups. My gag reflex kicks in when my husband removes my hair that has clogged the shower drain. I prefer to be away from home when he does this task, and he must dispose of it in a manner where I do not see it.

I can only imagine the situations that plumbers encounter.

Meat Processing

Woman eating red meat
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I am a meat eater. However, working at a meat processing facility is not a job I would enjoy.

The whole process of meat production isn’t pleasant to think about. I’m thankful that others can do this type of work.


Beautician Washing Hair
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When my hair is washed at the salon, I always hope there isn’t anything in my nose! This is another job where seeing up noses could be very gross.

Dealing with lice or other critters in hair would be another struggle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that every year, 6 million to 12 million children have a lice infestation.

Cleaning up people’s toes for pedicures could also be gross. Some people could have fungal infections, which they have ignored.

School Janitor

School Janitor
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Some aspects of being a school janitor are fine. However, cleaning up vomit could cause me to vomit.

And then there are the toilets which could get plugged. And with children, there is a potential for them to use a blocked toilet anyway.

Restaurant Dishwasher

Restaurant Dirty Dishes
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Plates with uneaten food stacked up and waiting to be washed do not sound appealing at all!

Smelling ranch or BBQ sauce left on a plate in the sink is hard for me at home. In a restaurant, all the smells would be compounded even more with leftovers from different meals mixing together.

Hotel Room Cleaner

Hotel Room Cleaner
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Watching shows that use black lights in hotel rooms reveals how gross the room can be when not cleaned well.

I am thankful when staying in hotel rooms that look clean and do not have bed bugs.

Road Kill Pick-Up

Dirt Road
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Ideally, all the animals that die from vehicles hitting them would be eaten by vultures. Vultures feast upon carcasses and are sometimes known as Nature’s vacuum cleaner.

When the dead animals are on the road, they can attract flies, which lay eggs on them and turn into maggots eventually. I’ve seen hundreds of maggots devouring an opossum once. It was not a pretty site.

And then there is the stench that comes with decomposing animals.

Cleaning After Animal Hoarding

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Donamen/Shutterstock.

When animal hoarding occurs, the conditions for the animals are usually deplorable.

It’s sad. So sad, I didn’t want to use a photo showing the conditions. It breaks my heart for the animals.

Cleaning up feces and urine-soiled homes after the animals are rescued is tough.

Wound Care Nurse

Wound Care Nurse
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A wound care nurse’s responsibilities include removing dead tissue and cleaning wounds.

I am grateful that some nurses can do this type of care. However, I don’t have the stomach for it.

Fecal Examiner

Lab Tech - Fecal Examiner 
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Having cats, there have been times when I’ve taken a fecal sample to my veterinarian’s office. They send the sample to a lab for examination.

So, looking at poop closely under a microscope or other testing is someone’s job.

It sounds gross to me!

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