15 Things Gen X Kids Did in the 1980s That Are Now Obsolete

Life was a little different in the 1980s without the technology and safety protocols that are in place today.

As a Gen X kid, there are things that kids these days are unlikely to experience.

Kids may be aware of these things from their parents or grandparents. Or it’s possible they never heard of them at all.

Using a Rotary Phone

Rotary Phone
Photo Credit: Tawin Mukdharakosa/Shutterstock.

My grandparents had a rotary phone.

And when my family would visit them, sometimes I used their phone.

Finishing Kindergarten Without a Graduation Ceremony

Kid excited for Kindergarten Graduation
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I completed kindergarten.

There was no party or graduation ceremony.  The following fall, I started first grade with little fanfare.

Renting Movies at a Video Store

Video Rental Store
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We rented VHS videos from a video store. Sometimes, my brother would ride our bikes to a video store after school or during summer break.

And most of the time, the VHS movies would play correctly on the VCR. It was always a bummer when there was a problem with a tape, which of course, we would only discover once we were at home.

Eventually, we upgraded to DVDs!

Using a Payphone

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Payphones used to be at many public locations, such as malls.

Once, my sister put her finger in the coin return, and there was ketchup.

Using a Film Camera

Gen X Kid Things - Film Camera
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Having a camera felt like a big deal back then. The cameras had actual film in them.

With a limited number of photos that could be taken on each roll of film, I remember trying to take only perfect shots.

Not Having a TV Remote

No Remote Control for TV
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With our first TV that I can remember, there was no remote control.

Someone had to go to the TV to change the channel and turn the knob.

Using Dangerous Playground Equipment

Gen X Kid Things - Metal Swing Sets
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At my elementary school the playground was 100% asphalt. There was not any sand or wood chips underneath the playset or swings.

And the entire structure was made of metal. It was a like having a playset in the middle of a parking. No close trees for shades meant the slides were hot.

While I was never injured, it definitely wasn’t the safest setup!

Remembering Phone Numbers

Remembering Woman
Photo Credit: Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock.

I can still remember the phone number of my childhood home.

And I memorized the numbers of my closest friends. It was either that or looking for their parent’s name in the phone book.

Front Seat Middle in Cars

Old Blue Car
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I am one of four children. When the whole family went somewhere in the car, one of the kids had to sit in the front seat between our parents.

As the youngest and most likely to get motion sick, I was the kid in the front. In the car, we had armrests that folded up in the front when the middle seat was needed.

In current cars, there isn’t a seat in the front middle. That spot is now filled with large armrests and cup holders. And maybe the front seat middle, which doesn’t have a shoulder strap seat belt, was removed for safety reasons.

Some newer pickup trucks still have an arm rest in the front that folds in the front seat.

Using a Dictionary

Gen X Kid Things - Dictionary
Photo Credit: Lisa Culton/Shutterstock.

When we needed to know how to spell a word or what a word meant, we used a dictionary.

There was no Internet or Google or spellcheck program.

Rear Facing Back Seat

Old Station Wagon
Photo Credit: Sergey Kohl/Shutterstock.

My family had a station wagon where the third seat faced the back of it. That was fun.

The Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon may be the only wagon still offering this feature.

Floppy Disks

Floppy Disks on Keyboard
Photo Credit: Shaiith/Shutterstock.

Sometime in the 1980s, we had our first family home computer.

We had to use floppy disks for saving files.

Winding UP Cassette Tapes

Gen X Kid Things - Using Pencil in to wring Cassette Tape
Photo Credit: Pingun/Shutterstock.

Sometimes the tape of a cassette tape would come out for unknown reasons. Or sometimes we probably thought it was fun to remove the tape.

Whatever the cause, a pencil could be used to wind the tape back in. And hopefully, the recording would be still be good on it.

Planning For TV Shows

Family Watching TV
Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.

Back when I was a kid, if you wanted to watch a show, you had to be home when it was on. And other family members had to agree to watch it.

We only had one TV. When we got a VCR, figuring out how to program it was another challenge that kids do not have to face these days.

Riding Bikes Without Helmets

Gen X Kid Things - No Bike Helmets
Photo Credit: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock.

While bike helmets may have existed in the 1980s, my family didn’t have them. And I don’t recall any of my neighborhood friends wearing helmets.

Now, some states or local areas have laws requiring helmets, mostly for those under 18.

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