15 Easy Ways to Make Walking Feel Less Boring

Here are some fun ways to change up your walking routine.

Most of these are things you can do with others, while some of them are better to do when walking alone.

Enjoy a fun walk soon!

Count Things

Fun Walks - Count Things
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You can do this alone or with others. Kids may enjoy this activity.

Choose something to count, such as flag poles, flowers, fire hydrants, broken sidewalk sections, squirrels, a specific type of tree, etc.

What you pick to count will depend on where you are walking. For example, you’re not likely to see flag poles while on a trail in the woods.

Visit Seasonal Attractions

Fun Walks - Corn Maze
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Take a walk through a corn maze as a fall activity.

The longer the maze, the longer your walk will be.

Look or Listen for Birds

Fun Walks - Look or Listen for Birds
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Birds are most active around dawn or dusk.

When birding, it can be easier to see birds with binoculars or a high-power camera, which may be items that you do not have.

However, you can use the Merlin Bird Id app for free on your phone. Turn on the sound id feature, and the app will identify the birds it hears.

During an early morning spring walk, the bird app heard 47 bird species in a 1.5-mile stretch. I only saw a handful of the birds, but it was cool to learn there were so many birds in a small area.

Walk Somewhere Different

Fun Walks - Walk Somewhere Different
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My walking routine is to walk around my neighborhood. Day after day, it can begin to feel dull.

An easy way to make walking feel fun is to walk at different locations.

Go to various parks or hiking trails that are nearby.

Walk to a Destination

Fun Walks - Walk to a Destination
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When your walk has a purpose besides exercise, it can feel easier.

Instead of driving, try walking to a nearby store or another location that is a reasonable distance for walking.

Or you could choose a hiking trail that goes to a waterfall or a beautiful view.

Painted Rocks

Fun Walks - Painted Rocks
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In my community, people like to paint small rocks and hide them along walking trails at the local parks.

Sometimes, words of encouragement, inspiration, or a Bible verse are written on the back.

To make your walk feel interesting, you could look for painted rocks. Or you could paint some rocks and take them to the trail to hide during your walk.

Look for Cats in Windows

Fun Walks - Look for Cats in Windows
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This is one of my favorite activities, as cats are my favorite.

You could look for cats sitting in windows when walking near houses or apartments. Sometimes they may be sitting on large cat trees.

Just be sure not to look like a creeper and only causally look, as there could be people in the house that will notice. We have four cat beds in our bay window, so sometimes, we see kids pointing at the cats in the windows.


Fun Walks - Brainstorm
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Use the voice-to-text feature to record notes in an app on your phone while walking.

Make a list of the week’s meals, create a to-do list, or record a journal entry.

If you get good at this, you could potentially use a voice-to-text app for a rough draft of a book.

Pray or Meditate

Fun Walks - Pray or Meditate
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Use your walking time to pray or meditate.

Please remember to keep your eyes open.

Pick Up Litter

Fun Walks - Pick Up Litter
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So, picking up litter might feel like a chore.

To make it fun, as you pick up the litter, you can think or say (if someone else is with you) judgmental things about people who litter.

“People that litter disgust me!”

“How lazy are people getting nowadays!”

Look for Unusual Things

Fun Walks - Geocaching
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One time while walking, I saw the handle of a kite in a tree. The kite was not stuck in the tree, just the handle for it.

Sometimes, I see shoes tied together and hanging on power lines.

When you are observant, you might be surprised by what you see.


Fun Walks - Geocaching
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Geocaching can make your walk into an adventure.

People hide little treasures along trails or at other locations which can be found by others using a geocaching app.

The geocaching app will show you the location of the cache. And once you get to the area, there are clues on where to find the treasure box.

You can learn more at Geochaching.com.

Walk With a Friend

Fun Walks - Walk With a Friend
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Ask a friend to join you on your walk.

Having someone to talk to can make the walking feel fun.

Listen to a Podcast

Fun Walks - Listen to a Podcast
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Listen to the latest episode of your favorite podcast while walking.

Be careful with the volume; you’ll want to hear what is happening around you for your safety.

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Identify Plants

Fun Walks - Identify Plants
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You can use an app like Picture This to identify the plants you see while walking.

When you use the app, take a picture of the plant, which will tell you what it is.

And this activity can be fun to repeat throughout the year as the flowering plants change.

Walking Safety Reminders

Fun Walks - Safety Tips
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  • Pay attention to traffic and your surroundings
  • Wear colors that are easy for others to see
  • Follows the rules. For example, only cross the street at crosswalks.
  • Watch and listen for bikers and runners that may come from behind and pass you
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Avoid areas that are not safe for walking

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