18 Fun Free Things Almost Anyone Can Do

There are plenty of free things you can do that are also fun.

Although what one person might find fun could be different from what someone else does, there’s a good chance that most people will find something on this list that they’ll enjoy. Some of the activities may require the use of things you already own.

Get ready to unleash your creativity!

Host a Potluck

Free Things to Do - Potluck
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To keep your potluck free, you and your friends can challenge yourselves only to make food items using items already in their pantry or refrigerator.

Your potluck may be fun and memorable, with the restriction of not buying any ingredients. You could have some interesting, unique dishes.

If you don’t feel like hosting, you could also do this activity at home alone or only with those you live with.


Free Things to Do - Volunteer
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Volunteering can be fun if the tasks align with your passions or interests.

For example, you may be able to pet cats at an animal rescue or walk the dogs.

Go for a Walk

Free Things to Do - Walk
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You can take a walk in your neighborhood. Or, if you have gas in your car, go to a local park that doesn’t have an entry fee.

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Play a Board Game

Free Things to Do - Board Game
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Most people have board games that they haven’t played in years. Dust one off and have some fun with your family or friends.

Go on a Picnic

Free Things to Do - Picnic
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Like with the potluck, only take the food you already have on your picnic to keep the cost low.

Also, you could take along yard games that you already own.

No gas in the car? Have your picnic in the backyard or balcony. Enjoy a meal outdoors.

Check for Free Local Events

Free Things to Do - Local Events
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Many communities have free festivals and events.

They may have food vendors, people selling art, or trinkets that would not be free.

However, there may be music groups performing that anyone can listen to free of charge.

And, of course, looking at things in vendor booths is free.

Go for a Drive

Free Things to Do - Go for a Drive
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If you have the gas, go for a scenic drive.

Enjoy the scenery at this time of year.  Drive around a nearby lake or down a road through a wooded area.

There may also be parks with beautiful views.

Visit Local Attractions

Free Things to Do - Local Attractions
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Are there historical landmarks, parks, museums, or other free attractions that people travel to your area to visit?

Be a tourist for free things to see in your area.

Also, some zoos have free days where locals can get in.


Free Things to Do - Dance
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Crank up the tunes and dance!

Also, many dance-themed exercise videos are available for free on YouTube. You can follow along and get some exercise too.

Attend a Church Event

Free Things to Do - Church Event
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Churches sometimes offer free events.

This could be a meal for anyone in the community. Or sometimes they have music worship events.

Or you can attend one of their weekly services to see if you enjoy it.

Kids may enjoy Vacation Bible School events that churches hold throughout the summer.

Look at the Stars

Free Things to Do - Stargaze
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Become a stargazer for an evening.

If there is too much light pollution where you live,  there may be a nearby Dark Sky park for better viewing.

Work on a Puzzle

Man Working on Jigsaw Puzzle
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All ages can enjoy a puzzle.

If you do not have any puzzles, most thrift stores will have puzzles for a very low cost.

Go For a Bike Ride

Free Things to Do - Bike Ride
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If you already own a bike, go for a bike ride.

You could also recruit a friend to go with you.

Watch a Movie

Free Things to Do - Watch Movie
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Enjoy a movie you own or find a new one on a streaming service you already pay for.

Some streaming services are free. They may contain commercials.

Get Crafty

Free Things to Do - Get Crafty
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Embrace your creativity to make something using only supplies you already have.

Perhaps you have craft supplies from an old hobby that you abandoned.

Organize a Closet

Small Closet Organization
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Some people find organizing fun. I usually like it when the work is done!

Organizing your home is something that is free. My sister thinks it’s fun to rearrange her furniture occasionally.

Visit the Library

Free Things to Do - Visit the Library
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When was the last time you went to the library?

If it’s been a while, visit your library and see what services they offer for free. Along with books, you may also be able to sign up for a free digital app for digital books and audiobooks.

Browsing the library and seeing what’s changed since you were there may feel fun.

Write Thank You Messages

Woman Writing Thank You
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You can write handwritten thank you cards if you already have stamps and notecards.

Or, you can quickly send thank you text messages. Someone may be surprised to hear from you.

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