My First Thankful Thursday

My First Thankful Thursday

Yesterday, I announced that I would be taking part in the 31 Days of writing challenge at I posted my first post in the private Facebook group that goes along with the challenge. I was then invited by Sarah at to join her Thankful Thursday linkup. I am thankful for the opportunity. If you are visiting from Sarah’s site, thank you!

Thankful ThursdayThankful Thursday

There are many things in life that we can be thankful for. Identifying categories of things we are thankful for is much easier than being specific.

For example, the typical person may say they are thankful for their family, pets, friends, health, job, and a place to live. This is the easy list for most people and may be almost automatic when asked at the dinner table on Thanksgiving day. Have these answers been said so often that they have lost their meaning?

What if you had to be specific?

What is it about your family that you are thankful for? We may have to try a little harder to think of an answer, but then the answer will not feel like a cop out! The answer will actually mean something to you and if you share with the person it will likely be meaningful to them as well.

The Challenge

I challenge you to think about one person in your family that you are thankful for. Then narrow down what exactly it is that you appreciate them. The idea is to have it be more meaningful than the generic “I’m thankful for my family”. Why are you thankful for them?

Once you have a list, of one or two things, share it with the person. It may make their day. If you want to you could share it with them in a handwritten thank you note!

An example

I am thankful for my husband, Ted. That was the easy part! Most happily married people would say they are thankful for their spouse. Specifically, I can share that I am thankful that Ted listens to my ideas and is supportive. When some of them are not realistic he is gentle about it.

Who are you thankful for today and why?

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