Eat Out Often Enjoy Life

Eat Out Often Enjoy Life

Today, I met my friend Jennifer for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. We had not seen each other in person in years. We once worked together and both work at different companies now. We’ve stayed connected through Facebook. Facebook has its place, but it will not replace the joy of meeting face to face.

Eat Out Often Enjoy Life

Eat Out Often Enjoy Life

While I waited for Jennifer to arrive, I noticed the cover of the menu said, “Eat out often enjoy life”. I liked this because eating out just happens to be one of my favorite ways to enjoy life.

Sometimes during my lunch hour, I will eat out alone. However, eating out with family or friends makes the meal more enjoyable.

One of the highlights of my work week is meeting my friend Alice for lunch. We met at the first job I had after graduating from college. We’ve had lunch together nearly every week for the last 14 years! That’s pretty amazing in my book.

Here are a few reasons to be thankful for eating out:

  • Thankful that we have friends to eat out with
  • Thankful that we have the budget to be able to do so
  • Thankful for the ability to build and maintain relationships by eating out
  • Thankful for the large variety of restaurants to choose from
  • Thankful that I can drive a car to a restaurant. Melissa, another blogger participating in the Write 31 Days Challenge, pointed out in her Day 3 post that just owning a car puts us in the top 20% of the wealthiest people in the world.

31 Days Tons of ThanksWhat are some of your favorite ways to enjoy life? Why are you thankful for them? Is eating out on your list?

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