“They’re So Cute!” 16 Adorable Dogs To Make You Smile

If you like dogs, looking at cute pictures can bring joy to your day.

I prefer cats myself, but I do like dogs, especially the cute, nice ones.


Cute Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Michael Mong/Shutterstock.

An adorable dog with its dog out.

Cute Running Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Reddogs/Shutterstock.

This dog looks happy, running towards the photographer.

Cute Happy Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: michaelheim/Shutterstock.

Another dog that looks happy.

Two Dogs

two Cute Dogs
Photo Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

I wonder if the dog on the couch is allowed to be on the couch.

Beautiful Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Tanya Consaul Photography/Shutterstock.

This dog looks beautiful in the flowers.

Cute Happy Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock.

This dog looks happy with its dog out.

Cute Soft Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Suti Stock Photo/Shutterstock.

I imagine this dog to be very soft.

Another Happy Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock.

This dog looks happy to please its owner.

Excited Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Smile19/Shutterstock.

A cute dog in the dandelions.

Sleeping Dogs

Three Cute Dogs
Photo Credit: Benevolente82/Shutterstock.

Of course, dogs piled up together sleeping are cute!

Dalmatian Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: Stefanie Gassner/Shutterstock.

This Dalmatian looks stunning in the weeds.

Sleeping Dog

Cute Dog Sleeping
Photo Credit: Przemek Iciak/Shutterstock.

This sleeping dog looks cute.

Great Dane

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: belu gheorghe/Shutterstock.

Here’s a beautiful example of a Great Dane.

Corgi Dogs

two Cute Dogs
Photo Credit: OlesyaPogosskaya/Shutterstock.

Twice the cuteness with two corgis together.

Brown Dog

Cute Dog
Photo Credit: otsphoto/Shutterstock.

Sometimes, I think dogs look a little sad, like this one. However, they are still cute.

Group of Dogs

Five Cute Dogs
Photo Credit: SritanaN/Shutterstock.

I wonder what these dogs were looking at. I hope they each have a unique dog name.

Cute Dogs With Cats

Cat With Dog
Photo Credit: Chendongshan/Shutterstock.

Ready for more dog pictures. Here are some with cats and dogs:

Is The Dog Really Cute?

White Lies - Nice Hair Cut
Photo Credit: Cookie Studio/Shutterstock.

Sometimes, we may say that a dog is cute to be polite.

Why Cats Are The Best

Cat Thank You - Lower Blood Pressure
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender | Tons Of Thanks.

I love living with cats and caring for cats. Dogs are okay, but I like cats more.

Feel free to check out my reasons for why cats are the best. The pictures are all pictures of my actual cats.

Funny Animal Memes

Animal Memes - Cat begging for food.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Some of these memes feature cats!

Be Productive at Work

Funny Dog at Work Meme
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

When you become more productive at work, you may be able to get more done in less time.

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