31 days of writing challenge – October 2014


31 Days Writing ChallengeOn September 30, 2014, I decided to join the 31 Days of writing challenge at http://write31days.com/. It’s a challenge that happens every October to write and post a new blog post every day this month.

I will be writing on various topics around thank you notes and gratitude. To be honest, I do not have a list of 31 topics so we will see what happens!

I will post the link to each post on this page as they are written.

Thanks for reading!

Day 1: Kicking off the 31 days of writing challenge

Day 2: My First Thankful Thursday

Day 3: 5 reasons to add stickers to your envelopes

Day 4: Eat out often Enjoy life

Day 5: Helping a stray mom cat with 5 kittens find homes!

Day 6: Write a thank you note because you were NOT entitled to the gift

Day 7: Write a handwritten thank you note to show your gratitude

Day 8: 3 more reasons to write a thank you note

Day 9: Practice Gratitude – More inspiration from a Chinese restaurant

Day 10: Reasons to write thank you notes – 31 Dayers Round up

Day 11: Thankful for a beautiful fall day!

Day 12: Give thanks in all circumstances

Day 13: Do you write a thank you note for a card?

Day 14: Do you write a thank you note for lunch?

Day 15: Writing thank you notes at work – personal stories

Day 16: Making chicken pot pies when you should be writing a blog post

Day 17: You borrowed a car, return it with a thank you note!

Day 18: Write an AWESOME thank you note for dinner

Day 19: Meaning to send a thank-you note but then not doing it…(Quote)

Day 20: Make someone’s day with a handwritten thank you note

Day 21: If you make a mistake in a thank you note should you start over?

Day 22: We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives

Day 23: The #1 tip to writing a great thank you note

Day 24: We can’t thank you enough – What???

Day 25: Homemade Cards from Barbara

Day 26:  Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.

Day 27: Write a thank you note for kitten adoptions

Day 28: The Power of Being Thankful – Joyce Meyer

Day 29: 10 reasons to thank your cat on National Cat Day or any day!

Day 30: Writing your boss a thank you note for lunch – When, Why, How To, and Tips

Day 31: Thankful for Tradition – Sunday Lunch at Mom’s

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